Week In My Life- Sunday

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Adventuroo WIML sun 13


Can you believe it’s the last day? Whoa- what a week! I have some parting words at the end so keep on reading!

Today started off nicely. I actually got eight hours of glorious sleep. The kids woke up a little before eight and our plan today was to go to Sunday School at 9:50 then church at 11 am.

The kids sprawled out blankets, stuffed animals and pillows onto the couch. Noah opened my computer to watch a Rainbow Loom video. When he went to the bathroom, Ethan got the loom and I asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m making a lightning bracelet for Noah.” He just made that up. LOL.

Unfortunately, we realized that our dog Trajan didn’t have enough insulin to get through the morning (thought we had one more dose). He developed diabetes about 3 years ago and went blind after that. Since the pharmacy didn’t open until nine, we couldn’t make it to Sunday School. Daddy Roo went to get the medicine and I stayed home and made Pumpkin muffins (from a Trader Joe’s mix).

We did make it to the service at least. For some reason I didn’t think to get pictures of church! But after church we changed clothes and headed outside to work in the yard. I always say our backyard has great bones. It’s a good size and fenced in, but it needs work. The kids picked up sticks and Trajan even joined in. He can’t see but he grabbed a twig anyway and started trying to pull it out of the wheelbarrow. So funny.


After that, Ethan and I ran errands while Daniel and Noah worked on their necklaces for Y Guides. Luckily, Daniel can draw! His Y Guide name is Laughing Crow and Noah’s is Mighty Phoenix (since he was born in Arizona). Ethan and I went to Ulta, Target (again, I forgot to get pictures) then came home to drop off the groceries. I had forgotten to stop by the Y to see if Ethan’s cup was there (he left it at Noah’s basketball practice). He was quite excited that it was! We then went to Harris Teeter to get a few things that I didn’t get at Target. For dinner we had lasagna- yum!evening

After dinner, we got the kids to bed. Each of us takes a kid and tonight I was with Noah. He loves to do make-up stories where we take turns stringing along a story. He wanted it to be about he and his friend at the basketball court. I ran with that and said the lights mysteriously went out so the boys were alone in the dark. Then they heard a ball bouncing in the dark. I tried to make the story spooky– Noah seemed to like it and started added to it.

Then Ethan came in and photobombed. The “wrestling” picture below is after Ethan wanted to give Noah and hug and kiss. Noah chasing him, then tackles him and starts to kiss him but inevitably turns it into a zerbert (you may call it a raspberry). Ethan giggles the whole time then we (parents) get fed up with it taking so long and pry them off one another. Good times. Heh.

nighttimeFinal Thoughts

Wait, does that sound like something Jerry Springer would do?

Seriously though, thanks for following along and participating this week. Whether you participated but didn’t post, just did a couple of days or did every single day, I’m proud of you! You will cherish these memories so much. I learned new things about myself (namely I need to be more organized) and day after day saw proof as to how blessed I am. We have a messy, hectic, wonderful life. I looked back as to what I said last year on this day and found something that made me think, “yeah! that’s exactly it!”

Here’s what I said: “Each day becomes not a day, but a memory. I do this to give those memories color. So I can see them as they were, not just remember them as I think they were.”

Isn’t that the truth?

Week In My Life- Saturday

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Adventuroo WIML sat 13Whew! Just one more post for this year’s Week In My Life. Today I’m going to ke

Kids were up earlier than they had been all week at 7:15. This sucked considering I went to bed at 1:30 (dumb move!)

We slept until 8:45 am with many interruptions. The kids wanting this and that, arguing over shows, etc. so it was broken sleep. Since we have a downstairs master they pretty much right outside our door.

We got ready then got ready for Noah’s first basketball practice. Go team Thunder! Noah did really well at practice, though he was goofing off a little with his friend. Ethan was a handful though- trying to play with Noah and rolling on the floor. He will be so excited to play next year!


Each year we head to the NC State Fair. It seems like everyone in the state converges to this place during it eleven days it’s open (I read over a million people go). I’d love to go during the week but Noah just got back into school after his break so we can really only go on the weekend. To call it packed is an understatement. I went to Disney in May and this felt more crowded. The lines weren’t as long but there isn’t as much space to weave through so you basically shuffle through the crowd.

Nevertheless, the kids had a blast and we ate some yummy food. Our favorite stop is always the Wisconsin Cheese place. This year we opted for their mozzarella sticks. The kids enjoyed riding most everything, though Ethan was too small to do some kid rides without an adult. On the rides the kids did alone, Noah was so sweet helping his little brother.


They begged and begged for candy apples and somehow we ended up with the blue ones instead of the classic red ones. state-fair-3

One of our favorite things was one of the ferris wheels. Don’t ask me why but this one was decorated like an Easy Mac container and was called the Cheese Wheel. Guess advertising has found its way into everything!state-fair-2

The only thing that disappointed us was our dinner. We ended up at a place that had Philly Cheese Steaks for us and hot dogs for the kids but it was all pretty gross. We’ve never really had horrible food there before (I mean it’s all bad-for-you food but usually it takes good) so Daniel and I left feeling pretty unsatisfied. When we got home and got the kids in bed we had popcorn and hot cider. That helped but man I wish I had some ribbon fries!

Week In My Life- Friday

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Adventuroo WIML fri 13 Today isn’t quite our typical Friday, but I got some great pictures and the day was extra fun.

This morning Ethan’s preschool field trip. I don’t quite understand field trips for this age since the parents have to go. I work part-time and my work time is in the morning, so I either have to make it up or not get paid (I’m contract). I’ll be doing a couple of things tonight after bedtime to at least get a couple of hours in total.
Regardless, we had a blast. We went to a nearby place called Hill Ridge Farms. The have all sorts of fall fun for kids- hay maze, train ride, bounce houses, a corn box (don’t know the name but it’s filled with corn kernels and the kids play in it like you would a sandbox). At the end, you take a hayride, then pick out a pumpkin.

It’s about a 20 minute drive and the entire drive Ethan was asking when we’d get there.
“Are we there yet?”
“I’m in the middle of the road; we are not there.”
“Are we there yet?
“I’m at a red light so that’s why we are stopped. When we turn into the farm, I will tell you and then we’ll be there.”
“Drive slooowwwer.”
“Why would you want me to drive slower? Don’t you want to get there faster?”
“Drive slower right now!”
Um, no.
“How much longer?”
“We have four miles left.”
“That’s too lonnng!”
I don’t think he stopped talking the entire ride.
We had a blast. Ethan got to hang with his best friend (the same boy who’s mom takes him home after school twice a week), play, ride a train, go down a giant slide and pick out some pumpkins. Only in the last 10 minutes did he stop listening to me.


On the way home he fell asleep. As I pulled in, I saw our cleaning lady was still at the house. She usually comes on Thursdays when I’m at the office so today. It’s the best money I spend all month. In fact, we don’t have cable and I don’t care if I can keep her. :) I decided to drive to get gas and have the car washed. Ethan slept the whole time.

I came home and she was still there so I just came in and said hi. Ethan was on my shoulder and of course he woke up (that’s why I didn’t go in earlier). From there, he had a CRANK FEST. He laid on the landing of the stairs and asked for a snack but wouldn’t tell me what he wanted nor come with me to look in the pantry. After a while, I decided I’m plop him back in the car and drive to Starbucks so he could chill the EFF out. He of course screamed and cried the entire way there. You guys, he was demonic! He rarely gets like this but wake up abruptly from a nap and he’s insane.

Once he snapped out of it he was happy as a clam.

After we picked up Noah and they had a snack, we took Trajan our dog for a walk. He’s blind from diabetes (been blind a little over 2 years now) so taking him and two kids for a walk is no small feat. But he needed it and we had fun.


After that, I decided to meet the hubs at the gym. My goal is 4-5 times a week but lately it’s been 2 and occasionally 3. Since dinner was already cooked, the routine after the gym would be easy. I ran for about 20 minutes then we did weights. That’s me trying to look like I’m NOT taking a picture. LOL.

At-the-gym After dinner, we broke out a game I got at the Type A Parent Conference from Time to Play Magazine. It’s called Headbandz and you put a card on your band and one person or everyone tries to guess it. We played the game LOOSELY but man, did the kids have fun! I love seeing them get excited about getting answers right.


Tonight, I’m curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and my trusty Mac. Only 2 days left of the challenge! Can’t wait for tomorrow- we’re going to the NC State Fair!

Week In My Life- Thursday

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Adventuroo WIML thurs 13

Um, I’ll just be honest. This morning was a HOT MESS.

One thing I’ve been trying to work on is being more organized for our morning routine. Sometimes it flows pretty nicely. Other times, I just can’t swing it.

It started off because Daniel slept in since he had a doctor appointment. He got up to shower around 6:45. I SHOULD have gotten up then, but I decided to snooze and slept through the alarm radio coming back on. Next thing I know it’s 7:15. I get up, get showered and the kids wake up around 7:40.

It was at that moment I realized Noah should have had Lego Club this morning at 8 am. They do it every other week and for some reason it’s not in the calendar. He’s pretty much forgotten about it by now but I am determined to get him there next time.

The morning consisted of a lot of the usual. Noah watched Rainbow Loom videos (and he declared, “Why do they always say ‘across like so’? I hate that!”). We pack lunches the night before but that’s E’s lunch. Noah buys twice a week so today is one of those days. The kids noshed on dry cereal for breakfast. That’s the only food I allow in the living room. Our dog Trajan stalks the kids and usually Ethan will get up and give Trajan the golden opportunity to eat his cereal. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen this morning.

On the days that I drive the 22 miles to the office, I always heat up my coffee and transfer it to a to-go cup. That one’s from the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration from earlier this year. The coffee will be important in a minute. Just hang with me.

Since it was so cold this morning, I got the kids’ hats out. They were super excited. I explained to Ethan his was the abominable snowman. He wore it to brush his teeth, then said, “He’s a funny bundle snowman!” Oh my cuteness.

Getting out of the house this morning was excruciating. We didn’t lay out clothes again so I scrambled to find them warmer clothes (to my credit, I JUST got warm clothes from the attic last weekend). Then I had to pack my lunch and pack my computer up to take to work. Then it was harping on the kids to get dressed. Ethan refused to brush teeth earlier so we got that done RIGHT before we left.

I usually take my purse, computer bag, lunch and Ethan’s bag to the car first before getting the kids. Then I grab my coffee cup and Noah grabs his bag and we head to the garage to get into the car. I sometimes put my coffee cup on a little ledge in the garage while I buckle Ethan in. That’s what I did today and what turned this morning from a hectic morning to a hot mess.

We get down out of our neighborhood and I realize I didn’t have my coffee. No way I’m driving 22 miles without coffee! So, we drop Noah off and I decide to swing back to the house to grab the coffee cup. Ethan was in the backseat playing a game on my phone.

As I was turning to the main road (his preschool is about a mile away), Daniel calls to tell me how his physical went. We talk for a few minutes then I hang up using the phone controls on my steering wheel (Ethan still has my phone).

I think to myself, “I guess I won’t listen to a podcast today since Ethan has my phone — ack, Ethan is still in the car!”

While I was talking with Daniel, I habitually turned onto the highway instead of dropping Ethan off! We luckily only got to the next exit 3 miles away before I realized this and turned around.

Oy vey.

I ended up 15 minutes past my usual, which isn’t terrible considering my stress levels by that time. At the very least, I captured a funny, but short conversation in the car between my kids.

*someone finds Willy Wonka wrapper*

Noah: I don’t like it. I don’t like Willy Wonka [he's seen the original movie.]

Ethan: But Noah it has the golden ticket!


Okay, I’ll keep the rest of this short!

My boss asked me to go to lunch with her and a co-worker so how could I refuse? I rarely eat lunch out- maybe once every two months. So, it was nice to sit and chat away from the office. The picture below is my boring desk. There’s a smattering of Burt’s Bees products laying on it and a picture of our family. I only sit there 10 hours a week, but dang it needs some oomph. I plan to print out a couple of picture this weekend to liven it up!


After picking up Noah, we ran to the store to get a few things. We don’t shop at HT unless it’s quick stuff just because it’s pricey, but it’s the closest store to our house. Noah got his customary cookie and on the way out showed me how he could carry a bag with one finger. Impressive!Harris-teeter-runEthan got dropped off at 4:30, then we had dinner before heading to the gym (well, I ate after the gym). I also convinced the kids to help clean the playroom up. Ethan “Tasmanian deviled” the place yesterday so we had to pick up because… the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow (oh glorious day!) More about that tomorrow.

Week In My Life 2013- Wednesday

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Adventuroo WIML wed 13

Well, well, well. It’s day 3 of WIML and I’m beat! But I’m chugging along and already loving the notes I’ve taken and little moments I’ve captured!

This morning I was PLANNING to get up early and work on my new course, but I just couldn’t do it after three nights of going to bed past midnight. The kids slept until 7:45 this morning though so I was able to proof my Momcomm post at least before they got up.

Morning and work was the usual (though slightly busier). When Ethan and I get home a little past 1 pm, sometimes he refuses to go inside and wants to play outside right away. I usually oblige at least for a few minutes, especially if it’s nice out. Today he wanted to get out the beach shovels and shovel the area around the tree (that USED to have mulch around it). What were we digging for? Gold doubloons he told me.


The afternoon was pretty uneventful so around 3:30 we headed out the door to get Noah from school. I have a carpool tag for each kid’s school and have to make sure I switch them out. Otherwise, I might pick up someone else’s kid. LOL. The carpool line was extra long today.

Ethan fell asleep (which would prove torturous later). Noah got in the car and was SO excited because he got a “blue” on their behavior scale. On the way to Ethan’s game, Noah was a total chatterbox telling me about school. I let him talk away since when *I* do the asking, he usually responds “I don’t remember what we did today.”

carpoolSoccer for three year olds involves itty bitty shin guards and cleats and a whole lot of chaos. Sometimes people say “your THREE year old plays.” I explain that it’s all for fun and he gets so tired that he’s out like a light at bedtime. They usually nod their head, suddenly getting visions of their three year old falling asleep like that. HA.

Today, the crankiness continued to the field.  They practice 20 min then play 20 min — he spent the first ten or so minutes crying and pouting. It was a little chilly so he was cold, then when I got him a jacket, he STILL just sat in the grass and whined. I finally left him along and watched his eyes lift up to watch his team practice. He WANTED to be there; he was just being stubborn. I walked back up to him and asked if he wanted to just up and down to get warm. We did that and then we went over to his team. After that, he was back to his normal, soccer-loving self.

soccer1He got to play two friends from preschool, which was cute. Afterwards they got trophies, which he was so proud of! I promised them snow-cones this time (actually I tried to bribe Ethan at one point to get back on the field-ha). They were giddy! Daniel took Ethan home and I took Noah home since we were in separate cars, but Ethan dropped his snow-cone is Daniel’s floorboard right as they turned down our street.

Of course, he was crying since he didn’t get to finish it. I asked Noah to share a bite with him and he let him have a few. Sweetness. (Although short-lived since five minutes later, Noah threw a toy of Ethan’s and made him cry. Go figure).
soccer-2Finally, Noah found a cool tutorial online to make a minion from the Rainbow Loom! I had to help with the eye, but isn’t it cute? And as I took a Box Top off a can of soup tonight, I decided it was about time to turn them in. We buy a lot of brands that don’t do Box Tops so it takes a while to accumulate sometimes. But Noah has 32 to turn in which isn’t too shabby!random

Week In My Life 2013- Tuesday

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Adventuroo Week in My Life- Tuesday

Mornings in the Culbertson household as of late have included Daniel or I having to wake the kids up in the morning. Okay, well it’s only been the past couple of mornings but I still find it strange that they’re sleeping until 7:30-7:45 (especially remembering past Week In My Life weeks where that was most definitely not the case).

Mornings in our house are still a work-in-progress. The kids are supposed to potty and brush teeth first but sometimes there’s lots of whining, especially from Ethan. Noah typically does well with this, but if he wakes up before we do, he’ll only potty and brush teeth without being asked about 60% of the time.

Our mornings look at lot like this:

  • Me squishing my make-up bag onto a free space on the dresser
  • Listening to WUNC (our local NPR station) while Daniel and I get ready for work
  • Ethan yelling for me to come carry him downstairs, which I oblige because he’s so darn cuddly
  • Noah plopping down on our bed, rubbing his eyes and slowly waking up
  • The kids brushing their teeth in our bathroom (we have a downstairs master so they do potty and brush teeth in our room)- dang, messy room
  • Ethan pushing the kitchen chair to the pantry, then proceeding to pick out things he can’t have for breakfast (cookies, chocolate chips, regular chips, ya know, SNACKS)
  • Ethan finally settling on yogurt and a cherry pomegranate toaster pastry (he ended up ditching the yogurt- figures!)



They get dressed downstairs and are supposed to take their clothes up to their rooms, but usually only Noah does. They typically get in one show on Netflix before we’re out the door.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, I work from the office. I get there around 9:45 after dropping off both kids and driving 22 miles, then leave around 3:10 to pick Noah up from school. Ethan goes home with a preschool teacher (who happens to be the mom of his best friend) on these days. She brings him to my house at 4:30 pm.

Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts on the way to work since it’s about a 30 minute drive. Look how nerdy I am! It’s a podcast about backlinks. NERD ALERT NERD ALERT! My fave podcast right now is Pat Flynn‘s if you ever want to check it out (Pat is featured in my Blog Design for Dummies book and is a genuine nice guy to boot!).

The Burt’s Bees office is located in Durham in an old renovated tobacco mill. The view from the parking garage is the Durham bus station and as you can see, there’s a lot of old, brick buildings full of character. Our building is part of this area, called the American Tobacco Campus.

After work and carpool, Noah and I have a little time together to work through his homework (after his after-school snack, which is a requirement for kids it appears!). Then he typically makes some bracelets with the obsession-inducing Rainbow Loom!


Every Tuesday night, I head to the nearest YMCA for Zumba class. I tell you what, I taught group fitness for 10 years (up until 2011) and still miss it. One of these days I’ll get my certification renewed for primary group fitness, then certify for Zumba. You know, when I have more time and stuff. At the gym, the kids love pressing the handicap door button and then Noah likes to tell the lady at the kids club desk what my 4-digit number is for them to write on their bracelets. They then go into separate rooms (18 mo – 5 yrs room and the 5+ room). When we leave the gym, they like to walk along the blocks around the landscaping then jump off. Just like boys.YMCA Forgive my randomness in these last pics but I had to include them. Noah kept making faces when I tried to take a picture during his homework so this is what I ended up with! He was counting crayons for his homework so that’s reason for the mess (he had to do more than just count them but no need to bore you with first grade homework). Also? He wanted to sleep with a soccer ball tonight, along with his three sleeping companions (more on those companions later this week). I love his smile.

As for Ethan, earlier that day they watched the show Wild Kratts and they were talking about elephants. The showed elephants drinking from their trunks and at the end, one of the Kratt brothers got picked up by an elephant by her trunk. The pictures below are Ethan drinking from his cup like an elephant (dipping his hand in and slurping the water) and then me picking him up by my “trunk.” Oh these kids. I do love them so.Evening

Week In My Life 2013: Monday

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I say that not just because it’s a lot of work to document a day in your life, but because today did NOT go as planned (but then again, does anyone really plan to get locked out of the house)?

Okay, let’s start from the beginning, then I’ll get to that little adventure!

I got up at 6:19 am this morning- a little later than I wanted to get up but I went to bed past midnight so I needed SOME sleep. I’m trying to get up around 6 am on MWF to work on two things: prepping content to share each morning and working on my next Momcomm course.

I worked about an hour then showered and Daniel got the kids up. Noah was a cranky pants, complaining about the Cherry Pomegranate toaster pastry. Ethan happily gobbled his up. I got them off to school, then had laundry staring me down (which I only got to folding 5 things today).
WIML Monday Collage 1
Around 9:20, I sat down to work (and heated up my coffee). If you don’t know, I work part-time at Burt’s Bees as their Community Manager. MWF are at home and TTH are in the office.

I pretty much work until I pick up Ethan. After I pick up Ethan, we have about 2.5 hours before we have to leave and get Noah. He doesn’t nap anymore so we usually do some TV and play some too. I also use this time to empty the dishwasher and other household chores.

On my MWF days, I shoot for 4 hours of work a day. I rarely get that done before I pick Ethan up so I have to do the last little bit (usually an hour or less) with him home. Today he insisted on wearing his Spider-Man costume (for this year’s Halloween). We ate mandarin oranges and he watched Dinosaur Train while I worked. When we have regular oranges, we have this orange peeler that he loves (the blue thing below). Ethan was intrigued these could be opened by hand (I impressed him by pulling almost the entire peel off- haha).
We had the strangest conversations…
Ethan: Can we borrow a cat? Um, actually can we buy a cat?
Me: Um, no I don’t think so.
Ethan (out of the blue): You are OLD. You are just old.
Me: Why?
Ethan: Because I’m talking to you and that means you’re old.
WIML Collage 2
After a little while, Ethan asked to play outside with the croquet set (the picture above is our backyard and those sawhorses are keeping our dog from rolling in the dirt so we can actually grow grass there). Ethan wanted play the game a new way, which involved us both trying to get the same ball. Most of the time he kept the croquet low but gave me a scare a few times when he swung it higher!

He decided he wanted to swing so I put him in the old, dirty swing. Look at this precious boy…
He kept asking for me to swing him again but I knew it was getting close to the time we needed to pick up Noah. I didn’t have my phone with me to know the time. He convinced me to do it a couple more times then we HAD to go inside or we’d be running late. Ethan still needed to get shin guards, socks and cleats on.

When I went to turn the handle on the back door… it was LOCKED.


We headed to the front yard, hoping that the garage was still open.


Front door?

It’s never unlocked unless we’re expecting company.

So there we were with no phone and no way inside the house. Not to mention we needed to be getting Noah from school soon.

So I started knocking on neighbor’s doors. Luckily a friend at the third house I tried was home. I called Daniel and explained what happened. Then I had to call the school and ask if they’d keep Noah for a few minutes since I’d be late.

As soon as Daniel got there, we thanked the neighbor then bolted across the street, grabbed Ethan’s gear and were out the door!

*wipes sweat off brow*

As I was gathering stuff from the car to walk to the field, Noah was giving Ethan advice about playing his friends on another team. “When I play Connor I just pretend I’m playing someone else.” Good advice, Noah! Ethan did great in soccer. He got hurt once, fell a bunch and probably scored 4-6 goals. The kid is GOOD.

Here’s the tail end of his run down the field to score a goal:

After the game the kids wanted snacks from the red truck that sells snacks and sno-cones but I didn’t want to get them anything since I did last time we were there. Meltdowns ensued and continued all the way home. Noah was SO bent out of shape that he couldn’t have a snack from the pantry since he had chips at the game. His options were veggies or fruit and he wanted neither. Of course, they didn’t love it when I took that picture down there either.


After Noah spent some time in his room for his attitude, he came downstairs and got right to homework. He actually did pretty well considering it was his first day of homework for 3 weeks. Only minor whining.

Keeping Ethan away from him was the challenge. Always is. For some reason, Ethan decided to take of his soccer shirt and shorts.
WIML- collage-homework

When I got around to starting dinner, I discovered the buttermilk chicken was supposed to be marinated overnight. Oops. I can’t even catch a break making dinner!

Pizza was the back-up, with a pre-made crust we had.

At bed time, the kids were stoked that they had matching pajamas (I had just washed them after pulling them out from last season). Daniel read Ethan books and I read to Noah. When the kids were going to bed, then gave all their lovies hugs and kisses. Ethan doesn’t really have a lovey (though he’s digging the hedgehog), while Noah has THREE of them, the main one being his pink bear Burt.
WIML Monday 5

That’s it for today! Can’t wait to read about your day. Just link up below!

Week In My Life 2013- Starts Today!

It’s time! It’s time! Are you ready?

Week In My Life 2013- Document Your Life for a Week!

The Week in My Life challenge begins today. Photograph, video and write down bits and pieces of your everyday life to remember for years to come. I have an entire explanation in my Week in My Life intro post if you want to catch up. And check out that post too if you’d like handouts for documenting your days as well as handouts for getting a snapshot in time of each family members’ faves and more. If you want to see what WIML has looked like in years’ past, just take a gander at the entire category.

I’ll post my Monday at midnight tonight with a linky for you to link up your day. We’ll do the same thing every day for the entire week!

I also have weekly images for each day for YOU to use on your blog (if you’d like). They simply list the day and date in the same style as above. Just grab this ZIP file of all the graphics for each day of the week!

And find me on Instagram too where I’ll be sharing some photos that may (or may not) make it into the daily posts. Tag your photos #WIML!

If you have any questions I didn’t answer on the intro post, then ask them here!

Week In My Life Starts NEXT WEEK!

Week In My Life 2013- Document Your Life for a Week!Yes, I know I don’t post on here often. But if there’s one thing you can count on me for, it’s the annual Week In My Life! We’re going on year FOUR of this life-capturing event.

Week In My Life starts next Monday, October 21 so get ready!

This is my third year saying this so at the risk of sounding repetitive, here it goes:

I know you want to remember these big and little moments too… before they are just fuzzy memories with no pictures or words to spring them back to life. So let’s do this thing!

Why You Should Capture Your Life, Too (Even If It’s Just for a Day)

I really REALLY want you to do this. Not for me but for YOU! It’s a lot of work but the reward is that you’ll have a slice of your daily life that you can show to your children as they get older (and can look back on yourself when you’re feeling sentimental).

A few things you should know:

  • Don’t feel like you have to document a full week if it sounds like too much. Even a day will capture a slice of your everyday life.
  • This is for you so don’t feel like you have to post every single thing you did that day. Publish as much or as little as you’d like for public consumption and then keep the rest for your own memory keeping.
  • Let go of the idea that each shot should be free of clutter (like clothes hampers, toys, etc). THAT’S life, right? Embrace the perfect and not-so-perfect surroundings of your life.
  • If you already have reviews, giveaways, guest posts or other things planned next week, no worries! Just participicate the days you can (you can even combine multiple days into a post if you want).
  • What if you don’t typically blog about yourself or your family? Turn this into a series around a topic you DO write about: ex. food- series on what your family eats each day, ex. green living- how you live green in daily life and challenges you come across, ex. budget living- how you still to a budget for a week, etc. etc.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are some moments that I captured last year:

Last year, I was just getting my contract for Blog Design for Dummies. Can you believe it?

and I caught a typical, messy weekday morning…

The year before I snapped Ethan stealing a bite of Daddy’s breakfast.

And the very first Week In My Life when Ethan wasn’t even a year old.

… and Noah was really into trains.
So many little and big moments I might have forgotten without this special (yet exhausting week).

How It Works

Week in My Life will run from Monday, October 21 to Sunday, October 27. Each day, I want you to record your life through pictures, words and maybe even some video. The morning after, publish your post highlighting the day before. So on Tuesday, you publish Monday’s day and so on. If you tweet, we’ll be using the hashtag #weekinmylife.

Each day there will be a linky so you can link up your posts.

You don’t need many supplies but here’s what I’ll be using:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Remote control for my camera (I’ll use my self-timer too)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • iPhone to record videos, take notes, take pics when my camera isn’t within easy reach
  • A checklist of things I want to be sure to document
  • Printables!

These first printables are snazzy journaling sheets for those of you who want a little something to take notes on. I created two PDFs. The one on the left side includes full sheets for every day of the week. You can print off as many copies as you think you’ll need for taking notes. The one of the right side has a shorter “notes about the day” section but also includes two extra sections. “Best and worst of today” is pretty self-explanatory. For “things i noticed,” this could be anything… your child is starting to ____,  you feel unorganized, coffee really DOES help. See? Anything!

week in my life journaling full page week in the life journaling sheet

The printables are something you only need to fill out once per parent and child. These are simple questions about you and your family right here and now. The movies you like, the things you’re into, the funny things you say, ANYTHING you want to remember about you and your family.

journaling printable- kid journaling printable- parent

Click on each image to open the PDF then save to your computer. That’s it! Psst…. I have the daily Week in My Life graphics available for download on Monday if you want ot use them!

Week in My Life Q & A

Do I need to commit to the entire week?

Absolutely not! You may already have a giveaway or guest post planned… or you may just not want document your life for a FULL week. No problem! You can document the full week, one weekday combined with the weekend, a day or even just a routine within a day! It’s up to you and whatever you’re up for.

What if my routine is the same every day?
I think very few of us have a COMPLETELY different day seven days in a row so they’ll be some of the same things going on each day. You don’t need to document your day from morning to night if you don’t want. If your morning routine is about the same each weekend, just document it on one day. Maybe the next day you capture the evening routine and so on.

In addition, you may go crazy if you time lapse a full day (i.e. at 8:00 we did this, 8:12 we did this) so pick a different part of the day to do.

I’m not sure what my family will think.
Have you ever been to a wedding where you hardly notice the photographer because he/she is so discreet? Be like that. Be non-chalant. Capture your family AS THEY ARE. They’ll probably like it better because you aren’t asking them to pose and say cheese all the time! :-)

How much do I have to blog about?
Girl, as much or as little as you want! For me, I’ll probably only post a few highlights and save the rest just for myself. Feel free to post all of it. Just a little. Or even just share a moment that really captures this time in your life. Up to you.

So tell me… are ya in?

Week in My Life 2012: Sunday

And here we are… the final link-up for this year’s Week in My Life. I have some final thoughts below but first, my Sunday!

Sundays are usually sleeping in mornings at our house. We laugh at attempting a 9 am church service. HA HA HA. We shoot for 11 am, which gives us plenty of time to ease into the day. Little Roo woke up at 6:40. Too early for me so I laid on the couch with him and dozed while he watched a show. Big Roo woke up around 7:15 and I hung out with them for a bit then went to back into the bedroom to doze again. Yes, I did. One of the benefits of having a first floor master- I’m a light sleeper in the morning and they are just a few feet away.

Before we got up, Little Roo came into our room and jumped into bed. He proclaimed, “I want to lay with you.” We snuggled then Big Roo joined. I tell you, I’ve never been the co-sleeping type but man do I love snuggly mornings like this. Even if I’m about to fall off the bed. (wish I had gotten pictures)

After we got up, the kids wanted to try the Pumpkin Spice Swirl bread. Luckily they LOVED it. Then they headed over to the playroom to play some Legos.

While we were getting ready, our lab Trajan did his customary lay-on-the-bathroom-floor-and-sleep while one of us is in the shower.

We made it to church and on the way home, Little Roo got mad that Big Roo wouldn’t let him hold the tree he made in Children’s Church. He ended up letting him hold it by the time we got hime.

After lunch, it was time for Little Roo’s nap. Even with his big boy bed, he wanted to nap in brother’s bed. Whatever I say. As long as you’ll nap.

 Once he napped, Daddy Roo went to fixing my lift gate on my XTerra and I took Big Roo to run errands in his car.

While he was whiny at times, it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with him, like getting an Icee and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Big Roo talks my head off when it’s us two. He’s just so hysterical and random at times. So since I did some Little Roo-isms the other day, here are some of Big Roo’s gems:

(Randomly yelled on the drive to run errands)

“Mom! WHERE did you get those pants?! They are AWESOME!!! I’ve never seen pants like that before.” (then says something about being the coolest pants ever and says emphatically “I want some.” (these are the coolest pants ever)

(Randomly said after we left Target. Note: It was NOT snowing.)

How do you get up after you make a snow angel? (He proceeded to explain that he wondered how you can get up out of a snow angel without messing it up. Random, but good question, kid.)

(After hearing about people dying on NPR. Note to self: change the station.)

I explained that in some countries people fight a lot and sometimes people die. He said it must have been Vikings. “It will be bad if Vikings come to our country.”

Oh this kid! I just love his mind.

Once we got home, we made a family trip to Trader Joe’s, our fave store! Big Roo wore his new shark hat (CUTIE!) and the kids earned their lollipops after finding the squirrel. (It’s a Trader Joe’s thing.)

While Daddy Roo was making dinner, Little Roo and I cut out “mama and baby circles” with my neglected scrapbooking stuff. Look at that face!

We ended the night together watching Daddy Roo take down the crib (we got the mattress about a week ago and are waiting on his bed to arrive). They got a kick out of “sliding” down the crib mattress. You think I’d be sentimental and sad about it but honestly I was tired of the kids jumping from the crib to the twin bed! I was sadder when I started giving my little sister all our baby stuff. We’re done but if you look at my kiddos, you can see I am blessed with two amazing kids.

When I started this post, Big Roo was fast asleep while Little Roo was singing the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle as loud as he could. We turned on a movie (the original Aliens) and he yelled “Mom- that was loud!” Haha. We turned it down. He finally drifted off.

Sunday nights are typically when I write a new post for Momcomm but I think tonight I’ll work on my book instead and do that Tuesday. After all I did just do THIS post!

Some thoughts about the week:

  • I learn something about myself every time I do this. I think the main practical takeaway this time was that I need to be more organized. I am SO organized in some areas but not in others. I caught up a lot this weekend – on laundry, filing papers, meal planning – so hopefully that will stick into next week and beyond.
  • As for the emotional one, I realize how incredibly blessed I am. Is that a trite thing to say? Maybe. But seriously, how could I not look at these pictures and not feel blessed? I learned to slow down a little this week too. Taking pictures takes time. Editing and uploading and blogging takes time. Even with all the extra work, I found myself slowing down to enjoy the days.
  • I realized that I am SO GLAD I do this every year. Because these everyday moments are my everyday life. And next year it will look different. And the next. And so on. These everyday moments? We live and breathe them but then…

Each day becomes not a day, but a memory.

I do this to give those memories color. So I can see them as they were, not just remember them as I think they were.

And I thank you so so much for going on this journey with me. I hope you learned something about yourself and your family. And I hope you’ll cherish the pictures you took and the words you wrote as much as I know I’ll cherish mine.

Time to Link Up (and some Instagram fun!)

Let me see YOUR Sunday (or weekend) and add your post to the mix. After you’re done, if you just can’t get enough of capturing tidbits of your everyday, then join Well Rounded Home’s Instagram It: 30 Days of Thankful. Simply post a pic on Instagram for all of November showing the things you’re thankful for. She gives you some prompt ideas if you get in a rut too. No long blog posts, no uploading pictures. No snap a pic on your phone and Instagram it! More deets on the link above.

Thanks again for being a part of Week in My Life! I’ll try to visit some more posts this week too!

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