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Um, I’ll just be honest. This morning was a HOT MESS.

One thing I’ve been trying to work on is being more organized for our morning routine. Sometimes it flows pretty nicely. Other times, I just can’t swing it.

It started off because Daniel slept in since he had a doctor appointment. He got up to shower around 6:45. I SHOULD have gotten up then, but I decided to snooze and slept through the alarm radio coming back on. Next thing I know it’s 7:15. I get up, get showered and the kids wake up around 7:40.

It was at that moment I realized Noah should have had Lego Club this morning at 8 am. They do it every other week and for some reason it’s not in the calendar. He’s pretty much forgotten about it by now but I am determined to get him there next time.

The morning consisted of a lot of the usual. Noah watched Rainbow Loom videos (and he declared, “Why do they always say ‘across like so’? I hate that!”). We pack lunches the night before but that’s E’s lunch. Noah buys twice a week so today is one of those days. The kids noshed on dry cereal for breakfast. That’s the only food I allow in the living room. Our dog Trajan stalks the kids and usually Ethan will get up and give Trajan the golden opportunity to eat his cereal. Surprisingly, that didn’t happen this morning.

On the days that I drive the 22 miles to the office, I always heat up my coffee and transfer it to a to-go cup. That one’s from the Disney Social Media Mom Celebration from earlier this year. The coffee will be important in a minute. Just hang with me.

Since it was so cold this morning, I got the kids’ hats out. They were super excited. I explained to Ethan his was the abominable snowman. He wore it to brush his teeth, then said, “He’s a funny bundle snowman!” Oh my cuteness.

Getting out of the house this morning was excruciating. We didn’t lay out clothes again so I scrambled to find them warmer clothes (to my credit, I JUST got warm clothes from the attic last weekend). Then I had to pack my lunch and pack my computer up to take to work. Then it was harping on the kids to get dressed. Ethan refused to brush teeth earlier so we got that done RIGHT before we left.

I usually take my purse, computer bag, lunch and Ethan’s bag to the car first before getting the kids. Then I grab my coffee cup and Noah grabs his bag and we head to the garage to get into the car. I sometimes put my coffee cup on a little ledge in the garage while I buckle Ethan in. That’s what I did today and what turned this morning from a hectic morning to a hot mess.

We get down out of our neighborhood and I realize I didn’t have my coffee. No way I’m driving 22 miles without coffee! So, we drop Noah off and I decide to swing back to the house to grab the coffee cup. Ethan was in the backseat playing a game on my phone.

As I was turning to the main road (his preschool is about a mile away), Daniel calls to tell me how his physical went. We talk for a few minutes then I hang up using the phone controls on my steering wheel (Ethan still has my phone).

I think to myself, “I guess I won’t listen to a podcast today since Ethan has my phone — ack, Ethan is still in the car!”

While I was talking with Daniel, I habitually turned onto the highway instead of dropping Ethan off! We luckily only got to the next exit 3 miles away before I realized this and turned around.

Oy vey.

I ended up 15 minutes past my usual, which isn’t terrible considering my stress levels by that time. At the very least, I captured a funny, but short conversation in the car between my kids.

*someone finds Willy Wonka wrapper*

Noah: I don’t like it. I don’t like Willy Wonka [he's seen the original movie.]

Ethan: But Noah it has the golden ticket!


Okay, I’ll keep the rest of this short!

My boss asked me to go to lunch with her and a co-worker so how could I refuse? I rarely eat lunch out- maybe once every two months. So, it was nice to sit and chat away from the office. The picture below is my boring desk. There’s a smattering of Burt’s Bees products laying on it and a picture of our family. I only sit there 10 hours a week, but dang it needs some oomph. I plan to print out a couple of picture this weekend to liven it up!


After picking up Noah, we ran to the store to get a few things. We don’t shop at HT unless it’s quick stuff just because it’s pricey, but it’s the closest store to our house. Noah got his customary cookie and on the way out showed me how he could carry a bag with one finger. Impressive!Harris-teeter-runEthan got dropped off at 4:30, then we had dinner before heading to the gym (well, I ate after the gym). I also convinced the kids to help clean the playroom up. Ethan “Tasmanian deviled” the place yesterday so we had to pick up because… the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow (oh glorious day!) More about that tomorrow.

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