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Adventuroo WIML sun 13


Can you believe it’s the last day? Whoa- what a week! I have some parting words at the end so keep on reading!

Today started off nicely. I actually got eight hours of glorious sleep. The kids woke up a little before eight and our plan today was to go to Sunday School at 9:50 then church at 11 am.

The kids sprawled out blankets, stuffed animals and pillows onto the couch. Noah opened my computer to watch a Rainbow Loom video. When he went to the bathroom, Ethan got the loom and I asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m making a lightning bracelet for Noah.” He just made that up. LOL.

Unfortunately, we realized that our dog Trajan didn’t have enough insulin to get through the morning (thought we had one more dose). He developed diabetes about 3 years ago and went blind after that. Since the pharmacy didn’t open until nine, we couldn’t make it to Sunday School. Daddy Roo went to get the medicine and I stayed home and made Pumpkin muffins (from a Trader Joe’s mix).

We did make it to the service at least. For some reason I didn’t think to get pictures of church! But after church we changed clothes and headed outside to work in the yard. I always say our backyard has great bones. It’s a good size and fenced in, but it needs work. The kids picked up sticks and Trajan even joined in. He can’t see but he grabbed a twig anyway and started trying to pull it out of the wheelbarrow. So funny.


After that, Ethan and I ran errands while Daniel and Noah worked on their necklaces for Y Guides. Luckily, Daniel can draw! His Y Guide name is Laughing Crow and Noah’s is Mighty Phoenix (since he was born in Arizona). Ethan and I went to Ulta, Target (again, I forgot to get pictures) then came home to drop off the groceries. I had forgotten to stop by the Y to see if Ethan’s cup was there (he left it at Noah’s basketball practice). He was quite excited that it was! We then went to Harris Teeter to get a few things that I didn’t get at Target. For dinner we had lasagna- yum!evening

After dinner, we got the kids to bed. Each of us takes a kid and tonight I was with Noah. He loves to do make-up stories where we take turns stringing along a story. He wanted it to be about he and his friend at the basketball court. I ran with that and said the lights mysteriously went out so the boys were alone in the dark. Then they heard a ball bouncing in the dark. I tried to make the story spooky– Noah seemed to like it and started added to it.

Then Ethan came in and photobombed. The “wrestling” picture below is after Ethan wanted to give Noah and hug and kiss. Noah chasing him, then tackles him and starts to kiss him but inevitably turns it into a zerbert (you may call it a raspberry). Ethan giggles the whole time then we (parents) get fed up with it taking so long and pry them off one another. Good times. Heh.

nighttimeFinal Thoughts

Wait, does that sound like something Jerry Springer would do?

Seriously though, thanks for following along and participating this week. Whether you participated but didn’t post, just did a couple of days or did every single day, I’m proud of you! You will cherish these memories so much. I learned new things about myself (namely I need to be more organized) and day after day saw proof as to how blessed I am. We have a messy, hectic, wonderful life. I looked back as to what I said last year on this day and found something that made me think, “yeah! that’s exactly it!”

Here’s what I said: “Each day becomes not a day, but a memory. I do this to give those memories color. So I can see them as they were, not just remember them as I think they were.”

Isn’t that the truth?

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    Melissa, love the road on the wall in your son’s room–such fun. And that lasagna looks yummy! I loved that blogging in this way this week forced me to notice the small moments, the things I often take for granted, even though they change so much week to week as our children grown. It was hard to do every day, but a good challenge, and I feel better for having done it. Thank you! :)

  2. says

    What great fun! I’m glad to have found your blog just in time to play along. I am surprised of the week we had, but gotta love it! Thanks for doing this!!

    Love that tiny kid-sized shopping cart he’s pushing around! Very cute! :)
    Heather Woyak recently posted..Week in My Life: Saturday