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Adventuroo WIML sat 13Whew! Just one more post for this year’s Week In My Life. Today I’m going to ke

Kids were up earlier than they had been all week at 7:15. This sucked considering I went to bed at 1:30 (dumb move!)

We slept until 8:45 am with many interruptions. The kids wanting this and that, arguing over shows, etc. so it was broken sleep. Since we have a downstairs master they pretty much right outside our door.

We got ready then got ready for Noah’s first basketball practice. Go team Thunder! Noah did really well at practice, though he was goofing off a little with his friend. Ethan was a handful though- trying to play with Noah and rolling on the floor. He will be so excited to play next year!


Each year we head to the NC State Fair. It seems like everyone in the state converges to this place during it eleven days it’s open (I read over a million people go). I’d love to go during the week but Noah just got back into school after his break so we can really only go on the weekend. To call it packed is an understatement. I went to Disney in May and this felt more crowded. The lines weren’t as long but there isn’t as much space to weave through so you basically shuffle through the crowd.

Nevertheless, the kids had a blast and we ate some yummy food. Our favorite stop is always the Wisconsin Cheese place. This year we opted for their mozzarella sticks. The kids enjoyed riding most everything, though Ethan was too small to do some kid rides without an adult. On the rides the kids did alone, Noah was so sweet helping his little brother.


They begged and begged for candy apples and somehow we ended up with the blue ones instead of the classic red ones. state-fair-3

One of our favorite things was one of the ferris wheels. Don’t ask me why but this one was decorated like an Easy Mac container and was called the Cheese Wheel. Guess advertising has found its way into everything!state-fair-2

The only thing that disappointed us was our dinner. We ended up at a place that had Philly Cheese Steaks for us and hot dogs for the kids but it was all pretty gross. We’ve never really had horrible food there before (I mean it’s all bad-for-you food but usually it takes good) so Daniel and I left feeling pretty unsatisfied. When we got home and got the kids in bed we had popcorn and hot cider. That helped but man I wish I had some ribbon fries!

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  1. Amy says

    We don’t hit the NC State Fair – that ride malfunction seemed terrible. The crowds seem too big.
    Where would you find blue candy apples? Also, I don’t remember the Easy Mac wheel!

    • melissa says

      Hello, fellow Raleighan (or however you’d say it)! The Easy Mac branding on the ferris wheel was new this year and I think the candy apples were from somewhere in the middle of the fair where all the food was. It was a stand-alone trailer I think. Thanks for the comments!