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Adventuroo WIML fri 13 Today isn’t quite our typical Friday, but I got some great pictures and the day was extra fun.

This morning Ethan’s preschool field trip. I don’t quite understand field trips for this age since the parents have to go. I work part-time and my work time is in the morning, so I either have to make it up or not get paid (I’m contract). I’ll be doing a couple of things tonight after bedtime to at least get a couple of hours in total.
Regardless, we had a blast. We went to a nearby place called Hill Ridge Farms. The have all sorts of fall fun for kids- hay maze, train ride, bounce houses, a corn box (don’t know the name but it’s filled with corn kernels and the kids play in it like you would a sandbox). At the end, you take a hayride, then pick out a pumpkin.

It’s about a 20 minute drive and the entire drive Ethan was asking when we’d get there.
“Are we there yet?”
“I’m in the middle of the road; we are not there.”
“Are we there yet?
“I’m at a red light so that’s why we are stopped. When we turn into the farm, I will tell you and then we’ll be there.”
“Drive slooowwwer.”
“Why would you want me to drive slower? Don’t you want to get there faster?”
“Drive slower right now!”
Um, no.
“How much longer?”
“We have four miles left.”
“That’s too lonnng!”
I don’t think he stopped talking the entire ride.
We had a blast. Ethan got to hang with his best friend (the same boy who’s mom takes him home after school twice a week), play, ride a train, go down a giant slide and pick out some pumpkins. Only in the last 10 minutes did he stop listening to me.


On the way home he fell asleep. As I pulled in, I saw our cleaning lady was still at the house. She usually comes on Thursdays when I’m at the office so today. It’s the best money I spend all month. In fact, we don’t have cable and I don’t care if I can keep her. :) I decided to drive to get gas and have the car washed. Ethan slept the whole time.

I came home and she was still there so I just came in and said hi. Ethan was on my shoulder and of course he woke up (that’s why I didn’t go in earlier). From there, he had a CRANK FEST. He laid on the landing of the stairs and asked for a snack but wouldn’t tell me what he wanted nor come with me to look in the pantry. After a while, I decided I’m plop him back in the car and drive to Starbucks so he could chill the EFF out. He of course screamed and cried the entire way there. You guys, he was demonic! He rarely gets like this but wake up abruptly from a nap and he’s insane.

Once he snapped out of it he was happy as a clam.

After we picked up Noah and they had a snack, we took Trajan our dog for a walk. He’s blind from diabetes (been blind a little over 2 years now) so taking him and two kids for a walk is no small feat. But he needed it and we had fun.


After that, I decided to meet the hubs at the gym. My goal is 4-5 times a week but lately it’s been 2 and occasionally 3. Since dinner was already cooked, the routine after the gym would be easy. I ran for about 20 minutes then we did weights. That’s me trying to look like I’m NOT taking a picture. LOL.

At-the-gym After dinner, we broke out a game I got at the Type A Parent Conference from Time to Play Magazine. It’s called Headbandz and you put a card on your band and one person or everyone tries to guess it. We played the game LOOSELY but man, did the kids have fun! I love seeing them get excited about getting answers right.


Tonight, I’m curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and my trusty Mac. Only 2 days left of the challenge! Can’t wait for tomorrow- we’re going to the NC State Fair!

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  1. says

    I’ve enjoyed following your week. Well done on the gym selfies! I can quite imagine the difficulty trying to be discreet :-D We have a Mr Men version of the headband game. You’ve inspired me to get it out and substitute the Mr Men cards with our own characters – thanks.
    And thanks so much for creating the Week in My Life link up. It’s been harder work than I’d expected but much more rewarding too. I’ll be back next year.
    Lucinda @ Navigating By Joy recently posted..Week in My Life – Friday

  2. says

    Ah, yes. The preschool field trip. I didn’t realize right away that parents were expected to go, and then I went and figured it out. It is optional but encouraged at our boys’ preschool.

  3. says

    Love this! Oh, preschool field trips? Goodness. I’m glad that we dont have those. But, we do have assemblies instead – and on days that they aren’t in school. But, it works I suppose. Better than field trips for sure.
    Heather Woyak recently posted..Week in My Life: Friday