Week In My Life 2013- Wednesday

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Adventuroo WIML wed 13

Well, well, well. It’s day 3 of WIML and I’m beat! But I’m chugging along and already loving the notes I’ve taken and little moments I’ve captured!

This morning I was PLANNING to get up early and work on my new course, but I just couldn’t do it after three nights of going to bed past midnight. The kids slept until 7:45 this morning though so I was able to proof my Momcomm post at least before they got up.

Morning and work was the usual (though slightly busier). When Ethan and I get home a little past 1 pm, sometimes he refuses to go inside and wants to play outside right away. I usually oblige at least for a few minutes, especially if it’s nice out. Today he wanted to get out the beach shovels and shovel the area around the tree (that USED to have mulch around it). What were we digging for? Gold doubloons he told me.


The afternoon was pretty uneventful so around 3:30 we headed out the door to get Noah from school. I have a carpool tag for each kid’s school and have to make sure I switch them out. Otherwise, I might pick up someone else’s kid. LOL. The carpool line was extra long today.

Ethan fell asleep (which would prove torturous later). Noah got in the car and was SO excited because he got a “blue” on their behavior scale. On the way to Ethan’s game, Noah was a total chatterbox telling me about school. I let him talk away since when *I* do the asking, he usually responds “I don’t remember what we did today.”

carpoolSoccer for three year olds involves itty bitty shin guards and cleats and a whole lot of chaos. Sometimes people say “your THREE year old plays.” I explain that it’s all for fun and he gets so tired that he’s out like a light at bedtime. They usually nod their head, suddenly getting visions of their three year old falling asleep like that. HA.

Today, the crankiness continued to the field.  They practice 20 min then play 20 min — he spent the first ten or so minutes crying and pouting. It was a little chilly so he was cold, then when I got him a jacket, he STILL just sat in the grass and whined. I finally left him along and watched his eyes lift up to watch his team practice. He WANTED to be there; he was just being stubborn. I walked back up to him and asked if he wanted to just up and down to get warm. We did that and then we went over to his team. After that, he was back to his normal, soccer-loving self.

soccer1He got to play two friends from preschool, which was cute. Afterwards they got trophies, which he was so proud of! I promised them snow-cones this time (actually I tried to bribe Ethan at one point to get back on the field-ha). They were giddy! Daniel took Ethan home and I took Noah home since we were in separate cars, but Ethan dropped his snow-cone is Daniel’s floorboard right as they turned down our street.

Of course, he was crying since he didn’t get to finish it. I asked Noah to share a bite with him and he let him have a few. Sweetness. (Although short-lived since five minutes later, Noah threw a toy of Ethan’s and made him cry. Go figure).
soccer-2Finally, Noah found a cool tutorial online to make a minion from the Rainbow Loom! I had to help with the eye, but isn’t it cute? And as I took a Box Top off a can of soup tonight, I decided it was about time to turn them in. We buy a lot of brands that don’t do Box Tops so it takes a while to accumulate sometimes. But Noah has 32 to turn in which isn’t too shabby!random

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    Ha, gold doubloons! Awesome. Mine have a “quarry” in the back corner of our yard where they are gold miners :)

    Such a cute little soccer guy! You are at the Y, huh? I have been debating on trying out the Y’s little kid sports. My 4 yo wants to play, but I just DO NOT want the overly obnoxious dad coach’s that wish they could have been pro coaches…you know?
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