Week in My Life: Journaling Printables (Part 2)

It’s almost here! Week in My Life starts on Monday (visit the intro Week in My Life post for all the deets). Earlier this week I gave you some journaling printables to help you write down your thoughts each day.

Today’s printables are something you only need to fill out once per parent and child. These are simple questions about you and your family right here and now. The movies you like, the things you’re into, the funny things you say, ANYTHING you want to remember about you and your family. Click on each image to open the PDF then save to your computer. That’s it!

journaling printable- kid journaling printable- parent

Just as a reminder, on MONDAY you’ll start documenting your day. Then on Tuesday you’ll publish what Monday was like and then come link up with me! And so on. You can publish AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU WANT. Just because you capture it, doesn’t mean you have to put it in a blog post. Remember it’s ultimately for YOU.

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