Week in My Life 2012: Wednesday

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Oh oh oh Wednesday. I give a big HELL NO to you. If you read yesterday’s evening saga, you’ll know that I mean. Today the sickness continued. Actually Big Roo was fine this morning but since he vomited so late in the evening yesterday I kept him home from school- his first absent day! I wanted to make sure he didn’t get sick after breakfast.

Daddy Roo was laid out with a massive headache, no doubt remnants of yesterday. My stomach was doing flips all morning and I generally felt queasy. Little Roo ended up having explosive diapers so he’s not on the up-and-up either. He actually missed a preschool field trip today– glad he’s too young to really know that because I feel bad about it!

We spent the morning laying around with aches of all sorts. While Big Roo’s tummy hurt (that’s as bad as he got today), I showed him the Toys R Us Big Book of Toys so he could circle things he wanted. I think he stopped at 60-something toys. Ha.

Little Roo wanted to walk around in my shoes. Okay. And that first picture is Little Roo trying to get his sick mama out of bed. While he didn’t say it today, he’ll often stand at the top of the stairs or beside my bed and say: “It’s a beautiful day! Time to get up!” Be still my heart– what 2 year old does that?!

After some up and down out of bed to feed the dog, get Little Roo some milk and so on, Daddy Roo and I curled our sick selves back in bed for a while. The kids joined us and stole our phones so they could play some games. I just love this shot.

I tell ya. Being sick parents with no one nearby to help us is pretty sucky. Luckily, Madagascar 3 saved the morning. Big Roo just LOVES the song Fireworks from Katy Perry– what kid doesn’t? But then he gets embarrassed, laughs and tells me to stop. I love that shot on the bottom right because you can see a smiling Big Roo picture behind him from 2.5 years ago. Little Roo also stayed busy sticking my Post-It flags on himself. Good thing I can use them again.

You know what the WORST part of the day was? THROWING UP AT THE GROCERY STORE. Being that Little Roo couldn’t drive to the store (he’s feeling the best), the task went to the least-sick one… at the time. I took the car shot to show you how THRILLED I was to do so. My stomach hurt so it was going to be a quick in/out for a handful of things. I went to the deli counter and ordered some meat, then looked up at her and said something like “Um, I’m feeling sick. I’ll be right back.”

I pushed the shopping cart as fast as I could and as I whizzed by the produce, I grabbed a produce bag without even slowing down.

Good thing I did. Once I got to the bathroom ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE, I puked in the bag. Then the toilet. UGH.

I felt quite a bit better afterwards so grabbed a few things (including my walk of shame back to the deli counter) and headed home.

We managed to get lunch together but the kids were more interested being on the porch. They were apparently looking for God and arguing about where he was. (nevermind the lack of pants– he’d just pooped on the potty).

In looking for God, Little Roo said he was “right there!” then pointed to the table. He smacks his hand down and said “I smushed Him!” Um, sorry about that God.

Off and on I felt crummy so the kids stayed busy with things like their beloved Beyblades… and opening our mail. As the kids were playing Beyblades, Little Roo said this about Big Roo’s skills (yes I’m using his name!)…

“Noah’s wurning” (that’d be “learning”). “Good job Noah, you’re wurning.”

We finished the evening watching the some Game of Thrones and me writing this post. I’m actually going to bed early tonight (10 am is early for me!). Hoping I feel MUCH better in the morning!

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  1. Kalyani says

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a stomach bug earlier this year and I threw up (in a bag) kneeling in the parking lot of a grocery store. Yeah, talk about embarrassing..Hope you all get well soon!

  2. says

    I’ve thrown up in a public place twice, and they were both pregnancy pukes. Once was in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, and the other was in the bathroom at Cracker Barrel. During the Cracker Barrel incident someone asked whether I was OK, and all I could choke out was: “Pregnant.” She said, “Oh, that’s what I thought!” and went away.

    I hope tomorrow is better!
    Nichole recently posted..On Tuesday I gave cupcakes to kids and was spoiled by my spouse