Week in My Life 2012: Thursday

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Thursday was MUCH better. But it definitely wasn’t typical. I didn’t feel 100% in the morning so I decided to work from home instead of go into the office.

The kids were angels this morning. Seriously! They slept in and then both woke up in excellent moods. Big Roo came down first but when we heard Little Roo making noise upstairs, the convo went like this:

Daddy Roo: Are you up?

Little Roo: I’m awake now. I’m in my bed.

Daddy Roo: Do you want to come downstairs.

Little Roo: No. That’s okay.

He proceeded to sing his ABCs for a while before coming downstairs. Cute!

I managed to get the kids off to school and preschool. On Thursdays, Little Roo goes home with a teacher and I pick him up from her house. Tu/Th are the day I typically work from the office for 5 hours. When I picked him up, he wanted his sippy and “my whole world” aka the little globe souvenir a Costa Rican relative bought us. It says Costa Rica on the side and both he and Big Roo call it “the whole world.”

On the way home, we get stuck at a stop light that lasts for at least 5 minutes. So I took it upon myself to capture a typical afternoon in the backseat. They don’t always fight but when they do, it goes a little something like this:

Oooh my boys!

After this we headed home and Big Roo helped me with his “costume” for tomorrow. He has to recite a nursery rhyme and he chose Humpty Dumpty. (see pictures of awesome below).

I went to Zumba and due to my need to exercise (yay!), we ended up eating dinner late (boo). Typically, the kids eat BEFORE Thursday Zumba but they were SO not interested so we waiting. It was around 8:10. Which is past their bedtime!

Sometimes the kids take their shirts off for spaghetti night. It’s cute and less messy. Daddy Roo was teaching Little Roo a thumbs up and Big Roo came over to demonstrate.

Dinner STARTED off sweet. Big Roo wanted to say grace and after doing his little prayer he added “Thanks for the clouds that have rain in them… and everything you make.” I have NO idea where he got that from but it was sooo sweet. But then this happens…

So can you tell me… moms of boys… do your dinners end up with conversations of words like “butt”? Because mine do. Butt-butt and eyeball are my kids’ favorite. I have NO idea the fascination of the word eyeball but it cracks them up. The kids were calling each other “Noah butt-butt” and “Ethan eyeball.” So silly, these kids.

After dinner, Daddy Roo took Little Roo upstairs for a bath while Big Roo and I continued work on his humpty dumpty. Big Roo took this pic.


Daddy Roo pitched in too, drawing and cutting the hands and feet and trimming the brick wall that Big Roo and I did earlier in the day. Our finished project? Looks like this:

BOOM! Big Roo hasn’t seen the finished product yet– he went to bed after he put on Humpty’s hat. This kid is gonna be STOKED.

That’s all I’ve got for today, folks!

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  1. says

    That costume rocks!! Love it. Also, my son and I are sitting here having breakfast, and I watched the video. He was cracking up. Like, dying laughing hysterically and the screaming of Little Roo. haha. I asked him if he wanted a brother to do that with him, and he looked at me very seriously and shook his head no. ha!
    melissa recently posted..Week In My Life: Day off Thursday!!

  2. says

    I am so happy to hear you guys are feeling much better. Your boys are just too cute for words. You are genius to do spaghetti dinners shirtless. Also — just so you know — I have two girls, a nearly 8yo & 4yo who recently caught the hubs screaming for “his nuts” after one of the girls kicked him there. They do an impression of him saying it all.the.time… but especially at the dinner-table, in between burps & farts. Yup. It’s hilariously disgusting. But, we emphasize the fact that things like that are for HOME ONLY. And here I am outing them on your blog. Mom of the year!

    PS — that Humpty Dumpty costume ROCKS!
    Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer recently posted..Week In My Life: Thursday

  3. says

    I loved the video! My boy and girl have fights like that all the time in the car. The screeching is unbearable sometimes, but I still laugh at the silly things they bicker about. And that costume? Amazing! Did you figure it out yourself, or is that the work of a quick google search?
    Amiyrah recently posted..A Week In My Life- Thursday

  4. says

    That costume is badass! I have one boy and all his conversation eventually turns to poop. Or damn. Because apparently some kid at school keeps saying it. So he’ll say, Mommy is damn a bad word? Like every single day. I’m trying not to give it any energy.
    And that video is too freaking cute! My son screams like that at me and my husband if we try to do something he thinks he should be doing. Kids:)
    Joules recently posted..Week In My Life – Thursday