Week in My Life 2012: Sunday

And here we are… the final link-up for this year’s Week in My Life. I have some final thoughts below but first, my Sunday!

Sundays are usually sleeping in mornings at our house. We laugh at attempting a 9 am church service. HA HA HA. We shoot for 11 am, which gives us plenty of time to ease into the day. Little Roo woke up at 6:40. Too early for me so I laid on the couch with him and dozed while he watched a show. Big Roo woke up around 7:15 and I hung out with them for a bit then went to back into the bedroom to doze again. Yes, I did. One of the benefits of having a first floor master- I’m a light sleeper in the morning and they are just a few feet away.

Before we got up, Little Roo came into our room and jumped into bed. He proclaimed, “I want to lay with you.” We snuggled then Big Roo joined. I tell you, I’ve never been the co-sleeping type but man do I love snuggly mornings like this. Even if I’m about to fall off the bed. (wish I had gotten pictures)

After we got up, the kids wanted to try the Pumpkin Spice Swirl bread. Luckily they LOVED it. Then they headed over to the playroom to play some Legos.

While we were getting ready, our lab Trajan did his customary lay-on-the-bathroom-floor-and-sleep while one of us is in the shower.

We made it to church and on the way home, Little Roo got mad that Big Roo wouldn’t let him hold the tree he made in Children’s Church. He ended up letting him hold it by the time we got hime.

After lunch, it was time for Little Roo’s nap. Even with his big boy bed, he wanted to nap in brother’s bed. Whatever I say. As long as you’ll nap.

 Once he napped, Daddy Roo went to fixing my lift gate on my XTerra and I took Big Roo to run errands in his car.

While he was whiny at times, it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with him, like getting an Icee and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Big Roo talks my head off when it’s us two. He’s just so hysterical and random at times. So since I did some Little Roo-isms the other day, here are some of Big Roo’s gems:

(Randomly yelled on the drive to run errands)

“Mom! WHERE did you get those pants?! They are AWESOME!!! I’ve never seen pants like that before.” (then says something about being the coolest pants ever and says emphatically “I want some.” (these are the coolest pants ever)

(Randomly said after we left Target. Note: It was NOT snowing.)

How do you get up after you make a snow angel? (He proceeded to explain that he wondered how you can get up out of a snow angel without messing it up. Random, but good question, kid.)

(After hearing about people dying on NPR. Note to self: change the station.)

I explained that in some countries people fight a lot and sometimes people die. He said it must have been Vikings. “It will be bad if Vikings come to our country.”

Oh this kid! I just love his mind.

Once we got home, we made a family trip to Trader Joe’s, our fave store! Big Roo wore his new shark hat (CUTIE!) and the kids earned their lollipops after finding the squirrel. (It’s a Trader Joe’s thing.)

While Daddy Roo was making dinner, Little Roo and I cut out “mama and baby circles” with my neglected scrapbooking stuff. Look at that face!

We ended the night together watching Daddy Roo take down the crib (we got the mattress about a week ago and are waiting on his bed to arrive). They got a kick out of “sliding” down the crib mattress. You think I’d be sentimental and sad about it but honestly I was tired of the kids jumping from the crib to the twin bed! I was sadder when I started giving my little sister all our baby stuff. We’re done but if you look at my kiddos, you can see I am blessed with two amazing kids.

When I started this post, Big Roo was fast asleep while Little Roo was singing the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle as loud as he could. We turned on a movie (the original Aliens) and he yelled “Mom- that was loud!” Haha. We turned it down. He finally drifted off.

Sunday nights are typically when I write a new post for Momcomm but I think tonight I’ll work on my book instead and do that Tuesday. After all I did just do THIS post!

Some thoughts about the week:

  • I learn something about myself every time I do this. I think the main practical takeaway this time was that I need to be more organized. I am SO organized in some areas but not in others. I caught up a lot this weekend – on laundry, filing papers, meal planning – so hopefully that will stick into next week and beyond.
  • As for the emotional one, I realize how incredibly blessed I am. Is that a trite thing to say? Maybe. But seriously, how could I not look at these pictures and not feel blessed? I learned to slow down a little this week too. Taking pictures takes time. Editing and uploading and blogging takes time. Even with all the extra work, I found myself slowing down to enjoy the days.
  • I realized that I am SO GLAD I do this every year. Because these everyday moments are my everyday life. And next year it will look different. And the next. And so on. These everyday moments? We live and breathe them but then…

Each day becomes not a day, but a memory.

I do this to give those memories color. So I can see them as they were, not just remember them as I think they were.

And I thank you so so much for going on this journey with me. I hope you learned something about yourself and your family. And I hope you’ll cherish the pictures you took and the words you wrote as much as I know I’ll cherish mine.

Time to Link Up (and some Instagram fun!)

Let me see YOUR Sunday (or weekend) and add your post to the mix. After you’re done, if you just can’t get enough of capturing tidbits of your everyday, then join Well Rounded Home’s Instagram It: 30 Days of Thankful. Simply post a pic on Instagram for all of November showing the things you’re thankful for. She gives you some prompt ideas if you get in a rut too. No long blog posts, no uploading pictures. No snap a pic on your phone and Instagram it! More deets on the link above.

Thanks again for being a part of Week in My Life! I’ll try to visit some more posts this week too!

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  1. says

    We’ve been slowly getting rid of the baby stuff as well. It’s a little heart-wrenching, but we’re so blessed with our two girls. I *am* getting sick of the occasional “oh come on, don’t you want to try for a boy?!” and a small part of me wishes for a son… but I wouldn’t trade my girls for the world. Families come in all sizes. We’re a happy family of 4, like you. :)

    Thanks for hosting another amazing week, Mel!!
    Cheers to you!
    Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer recently posted..Week In My Life: Saturday/Sunday

  2. says

    Thank so much for doing this again! I was glad I was able to participate this year and last year. We took down our crib a few weeks ago and it was bittersweet. I think the week helped me realize how much we need to slow down b/c the entire week felt rushed and frazzled.
    KeAnne recently posted..Week in My Life 2012: The Weekend

  3. says

    This was my first time participating and I loved it! Thank you for organizing everything so well and for the adorable daily headers. It’s been such fun to read everyone’s posts and I had a blast doing my own.
    Jen L. recently posted..A Week In My Life: Sunday

  4. says

    Woot-woot! Another week, come and gone. We just purged the high chair and changing table, along with a bunch of other baby items. The crib is still our last holdout. I feel like we’ve gained so much room in our house clearing those things out. And thanks…I appreciate the Instagram It shoutout!
    Kacey recently posted..2012 Week In My Life: Day #7

  5. says

    Definitely wishing I had participated this year! Time just got away from me… but I’ll be here for it next year. Really enjoyed seeing a week in your life, and following along the link-ups too. :)
    Heather O. recently posted..Distractable Me

  6. says

    I love Big Roo’s questions. Boys’ minds are always thinking and processing…and what comes out is sometimes the most hilarious things ever! I’ve also always wondered how to get up from a snow angel. We do not get to make many down here in GA, but when we do, it is always the challenge to make it out without scarring the angel.