Week in My Life 2012: Saturday

Are you feeling it yet? The ugh-is-this-thing-OVER-yet feeling? It’s hard enough to document our lives on paper and in pictures, not to mention BLOG about it! I feel ya but hang in there. Trust me, you’ll cherish this stuff forever!

Today was a pretty typical Saturday for us! It was the last game of our soccer season though  so we had cupcakes afterwards… at 10:30 am. Sugar highs for the win!

But backing up, it started off with Cranky Pants I and II this morning. The boys argued about everything. Big Roo egged Little Roo on. Little Roo was just ornery and Daddy Roo and I were trying our best to play peacemakers. And then we realized what time it was– ack! It was almost 7:30 and we needed to be at the fields at 9. We mad dashed to get our showers, feed the kids, burn the bagels (um, that was me), prep water bottles and dig out Big Roo’s soccer uniform from the laundry pile.

We were only 10 minutes late. :)

Soccer is always fun to watch. Big Roo likes to run fast, run HARD and just have fun. Sometimes he goofs off a little too much but hey I’d rather that than him be mean to other kids. We had some fun chatting with other parents, watching Little Roo find leaves and even joining in part of the game. Even despite the chilliness in the air.

Oh and the time of this game changed the day before due to potential bad weather so I missed Zumba with Erin from A Parenting Production. Bummed but no way would I miss this game!

About an hour after we got home, Little Roo and I were on our way to a preschool class Halloween party. A classmate’s parents threw the little shindig. Daddy Roo and Big Roo went shopping for some pants (hooray for Lands’ End Iron Knee pants!) and to grab some dog food for Trajan.

Little Roo was SO exhausted from running around the soccer fields that he resurrected his cranky pants-ness for the party. At least part of the it. He wanted to play outside even though it was an inside party. He wanted cupcakes even though he hadn’t eaten the pizza bites yet. He complained about this and that. I almost went home but luckily he started enjoying himself.

Of course, once he DID eat some food, he asked for a small brownie for dessert. Ate 1/2 and said he didn’t like it. Asked for a nilla waver with icing on it. Put it in his mouth and decided he didn’t like THAT. We repeated this process for 1 or 2 more things then I said ENOUGH! He ended up with a lollipop and was finally content.

He fell asleep before we even got home. I carried him to his room and he woke up later crying and crying. That’s ALWAYS a sign he wasn’t ready to wake up. He laid on the couch and what do you know? He slept another 2 hours on the couch!

Oooh that sweet sleeping Ranger.

While he was out, I ran to grab a fresh loaf of wheat bread from a bakery. We had a free coupon for joining our school’s PTA and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things! I tried to stop by the Y and sign Big Roo up for swim lessons but missed the front desk closing by 8 minutes. Bah!

I came home and folded Mt. Laundry while Daddy Roo and Big Roo raked up the mass of leaves in our front yard. My, that’s a big rake you have!

We finished the evening with a simple dinner: BBQ chicken from the crock pot and sweet potato fries and onion rings. I couldn’t even bring myself to heat up a frozen veggie.

The whole family snuggled up on the couch and watched two Shrek short movies Scared Shrekless and The Three Diablos. The kids were mesmerized (though Little Roo proclaimed at one point he didn’t like it). His little proper pose is just adorable. I just love hearing Big Roo laugh. He kept laughing but I could only catch a serious shot. Still cute.

I wish I had gotten more pictures today. I went into laundry and organize the house mode and forget to take as many. Tomorrow’s the last day though so we’ll see if I can shape up for the finale!

Time to Link Up!

Let me see YOUR Saturday and add your post to the mix. Tomorrow’s the last day, y’all!

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