Week in My Life 2012: Monday

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The first day is always the most exciting but you want to include every dang picture! Well I took almost 100 pictures today! I would have taken more but I pretty much sat on my butt most of the day (I’ll explain in a minute). But I have all week to show more detail in the various parts of today so I managed to cut back to far fewer photos.

My Monday started with a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep. Not good sleep either. Not the way I wanted to start Week in My Life but today was my first book deadline and so I stayed up way too late working on it. I felt so anxious this morning. It was Big Roo’s first day back to school (he’s year round and they just finished a three-week vacation. My big deadline. And the start of a work week (you probably know my part-time gig by now).

So of course I needed lots of coffee while the kids squished each other in a large box. And, but of course, we were running later than I wanted (but still weren’t late for school or preschool).

The bulk of today I looked like this:

Slightly freaking out. Trying to post on here (this morning’s post about the kick-off), format and publish a guest post on Momcomm, make final edits on my book and do all the Monday things that I do for my job. All before I picked Little Roo off up from preschool at 1 pm.

And I’m ALMOST embarrassed to show you the state of our bedroom. I blame the fact that we had company this weekend, my book deadline and the simple logistics of having a master downstairs. You always dump crap in it. In fact, the only clutter-free space in our entire house at the moment if our newly finished powder room. It may be a few feet wide, but hey, I’ll take it. (I should admit here that our cleaning people are coming tomorrow to magically transform our house into something more presentable.)

The afternoon consisted of Little Roo napping while I frantically made final edits on my book chapter. Around 4 pm, I sent it off. With just a little time to spare before we walked down to the bus stop. Big Roo rides the bus home on Mondays and Wednesdays. However, school gets out at 3:45 and he’s not home until 4:45. That’s pretty much insane. I’ve been trying to be patient to see if it improves but I’m afraid I may just have to pick him up each day starting soon.

Two of my favorite pictures from today are of our shadows… before the bus stop and after (notice Big Roo stole Little Roo’s bike since he wanted me to carry him back).

We walked back to the house and didn’t go back inside for a good 20-30 minutes. Both kids wanted to play. You can’t see it here but that close up of Little Roo is him setting a worm on the table (that’s still in our garage from our yard sale the other week)! After the weight off my shoulders (aka turning in my chapter), I still had one more thing to do for work so I reluctantly brought my computer outside for about 10-15 minutes to finish it. Let me tell you- I LOATHE doing that. But with so much going on this morning, I had to.

Luckily, I was still able to enjoy some time with them.

Despite my sleep deprivation, I decided to make a new fancy mac n cheese recipe. To my chagrin, the kids didn’t like it. Big Roo ended up eating it but Little Roo mainly laid under the table. Heh.

Besides the shadow pictures, the photo below is one of my faves. Our digital family piled together on the couch.

Daddy Roo was showing Big Roo some iPhone game while Big Roo’s eyes darted from that and the TV. Little Roo was watching a few minutes of TV before bed. Me? I was pouring over all the photos I took this weekend when my sister and mom were in town. I was trying to entice Little Roo to look but alas, he wouldn’t look for long.

You can’t blame me for looking at photos. I mean, how hysterical are these shots from the weekend?

After bedtime, we did the whirlwind clean-the-clutter-so-cleaning-people-can-actually-clean thing then plopped down on the couch to watch the presidential debate and work. Me on this post and Daddy Roo on a project with an upcoming deadline. I’d like to say we don’t look like this every night. But we typically do. However, I’m still working on being better about it (we did have a double date with my sis & significant other on Saturday)!

Whew! I don’t know if I’ll post as many photos as the week goes on but I hope you enjoyed them regardless!

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  1. says

    Great start to the week! Busy, sure, but it sounds like a productive day!

    The shadow pics are so cool and I love seeing the boys playing outside. But my favorite? You and hubs on the couch. That’s pretty much what our house looks like every night after 9pm! lol
    Alexia @ Babies & Bacon recently posted..Week in My Life: Monday

  2. says

    Well I am lame and of course days behind so I am rolling with my weekend… I love your evening sofa time! It looks like my house. The littlest ones in bed and my husband, 15 yr.old step-daugther and I all working on different projects on our laptops.

    • melissa says

      Hey girl! Good to hear from you– we just got started with WIML so the weekend pics work too!