Week in My Life 2012- Friday

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This morning was all about Humpty in da house!! I suggested to Big Roo that we have eggs for breakfast in honor of Humpty, which he thought was hilarious. The kids helped break the eggs and I asked Big Roo if he wanted the eggs runny or not. He said no so I said, okay I’ll scramble them.

Of course, he didn’t hear that and got all mad when he saw they were scrambled. I managed to convince him it would be quite yummy to pile them on buttered toast and luckily he agreed.

We got to school and I stayed for the parade. Little Roo waited excitedly and was happy to see Big Roo pass through. His costume got lots of looks and laughs. He, of course, loves the attention.

The morning was work work work. I got a really awesome compliment from my boss as well, which pretty much made my Friday.

 After picking up Little Roo from school, there were two packages on the porch. One was a sweater for Big Roo. The other was this– it’s my signed contract from the publisher! 

Little Roo insisted on opening it. He sat it on the coffee table and said:

Can I write on it?

I said nope. Then he said:

Let’s read it! It’s a book!

Then started turning the pages. If only contracts were that interesting- ha!

Before his nap, he likes to watch a short show or play a game. Lately it’s watching my favorite Caillou (::sarcasm::). I try VERY hard not to work on the computer when the kids are home, minus the occasional checking of this or that. But with me being sick this week, I missed a day of work (3-4 hours’ worth) so there were some things I really had to finish up before the weekend. At least he didn’t seem to mind.

The next two screenshots are starkly different but, nevertheless, are part of my day. On the left, you’ve got weather. Which is completely unimportant compared to the story on the right. It’s a story I read on my phone eating breakfast this morning and it hasn’t left my head all day. Reading about the mother’s screams are enough to give me nightmares tonight. Because not to sound trite, but I can’t wrap my head around that sort of anguish. Instead, all I can do is pray for that family and give my kids extra snuggles today.

After I picked up Big Roo from school, we had to hit the store to grab things to make cupcakes for soccer tomorrow. Instead of hurrying the kids along to get out of the car, I remember that story and paused– letting them be sweet to each other, snuggling and telling each other they loved each other. Sure beats their car fight yesterday.

When we got home, the kids and I made cupcakes. Big Roo took a picture of me pouring the cupcakes.

The rest of tonight included reviewing the editor’s feedback on my Table of Contents for my book (better than expected but that’s probably because my first editor gave me lots of changes to make before we sent it on to the next editor– like 5 hours’ more of work in editing that bad boy). Hooray! Then after bedtime, a quick Target run (I had NOTHING to carry the cupcakes in but trays and foil… not good for being on a soccer field. Finally winding down with more Game of Thrones and I’m about to grab a glass of wine.

I’ll leave you with this shot of our living room from this morning. The kids were watching a show while Daddy and I got ready. I love this shot because it’s not perfect. Trajan’s bog bone and towel in the floor from the night before. Dummies books on the console. Kids’ hamper that we still haven’t brought back upstairs. Pillows in disarray. But yet, it’s life. Real life. Just how I like it.


Here’s to the weekend!

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  1. says

    Three cheers for cupcakes!! You are one Super Momma!

    And Mel, your home is beautiful… love everything about it, down to your floors.

    On a somber note: I’m so happy I didn’t read this before the hubs & I left our two kids with our sitter last night. Ick. We trust our sitters… but still. That story is messed up.
    Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer recently posted..Week In My Life: Friday