Those First Days

It was a big year in the Culbertson house.

Big Roo started Kindergarten this year! Ya know, he’s been in either daycare or preschool since he was three months old. I worked full time until he was three and then either part time or freelancing since then. So, other than marking the momentous and sentimental occasion, I thought the amount of time he was gone wouldn’t affect me too much.


When Little Roo gets home and goes down for a nap, I either work on the blogs or do things around the house. I find myself checking the time all-so-often and then slightly freaking for a half a second before I realize that I’m NOT running late to pick him up from school or the bus stop. He’s still in school.

It’s such a surprisingly long day for him… and me too! Luckily he’s adjusted after a week or two of crankiness. As a kindergartener, we also have homework every day (GASP!) and he’s settled into the routine of that too. Now I just need to remember what a long day it is!

Do you know what he told his little brother on his first day? This is the cute little convo they had:

Big Roo: “I’m going to miss you.”

Little Roo: “Why you going to miss me, Noah?”

Big Roo: “Because I’m going to Kindergarten.”

Heart. Melted.

A few weeks later (aka last week), Little Roo started preschool again. This kid didn’t miss a beat. New class but some of the same friends. He already loves preschool but just about every day asks “Is Big Roo at home?” He’s used to seeing Big Roo at preschool so he’s not quite understanding the routine yet.

However, he hasn’t even cried in the morning when I leave. Barely even notices.

Sigh. These boys are getting so big.


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