My Trip to Costa Rica Part 2: Family

My last post was all about the adventures my family and I had in Costa Rica (think zipping through trees and gazing at volcanoes).

But what I love about Costa Rica the most isn’t the rain forest, the zipline or the beaches. It’s my family.

If I counted everyone up, I’d end up with over twenty first and second cousins, not to mention aunts, uncles and my step-mom.

And if you’ve been reading this blog for longer than 9 months, you know that my dad is buried there in his home country.

One of our first stops was to visit the cemetery. Noah knew it was a somber occasion. Normally rambunctious, he walked somberly and then grabbed some itty bitty wildflowers to lay on Abuelito’s grave (that’s “little grandfather” in Spanish).

I love things about daily life there that are different than here. Like pretty much ALWAYS having afternoon coffee with the best bread EVER.

(That picture on the bottom left? Sliding down a hill on cardboard at the park. Oh yeah!) One of my cousins took us to Inbioparque, a cute park in San José. Holding the bunnies was surely the highlight.

Now for my awesome family. Big Roo kept asking “are they my cousin too?” Cause first cousin, second cousin, my cousin… it doesn’t really matter. A cousin is a cousin!

(Yes, I know there’s a duplicate photo but I wasn’t about to do that over!)

When I was a kid, I used to cry when we left Costa Rica. Even though I didn’t know much Spanish, I adored my family and they adored us.

Nothing’s changed over the years. (well, I DO know way more Spanish).

I STILL cry when I leave.

But this is the continuing of our family tradition. I grew up traveling here. And so will my boys.

I cherish all the memories that both my kids and I had. And I can’t wait to get there again.


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    How fun! I just popped over from your other blog to find you in CR! I live here and actually my family is currently living with friends as we apartment search (long story) and the head of household volunteers every day at InBio working with their insect collections. What a small world. Great to see that you actually saw Poas rather than the general fog that usually hangs over the crater. Glad your family had fun here in Costa Rica!
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