Madagascar 3: Just How Good Is It?

Typically I don’t get too excited about movies with the number “3″ at the end. Why? Because unless it’s a trilogy, by the time movie characters get a third round, it gets a little tiring.

However, I had high hopes for Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted because I just loved the first two so much. The storyline is essentially about Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman getting back to NYC from Africa. In that journey, they end up in Europe and team up with lackluster circus performers desperate to get to America too.

Luckily, Madagascar 3 wasn’t tiring at all. In fact, I’d argue it was the best Madagascar yet.


The Characters (Old & New)

Of course we already love the main characters Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. As well as the crazy trio of Julien, Maurice and Mort. And then those savvy penguins. Yep, they nearly stole the show in the first Madagascar so I loved how much they were included in this one.

Along their adventure of getting to NYC, you’re introduced to new characters too like the tiger Vitaly, seal Stefano and jungle cat Gia (with the coolest accent).

Plus, it was fun to have the “bad guy” actually be a creepy lady who was just about invincible. Big Roo got big kicks out of her during the moped racing scene.

The 3D

I was truly impressed with the 3D. I can’t tell you how many movies I’ve been to where you leave scratching your head, wondering why they even bothered making it 3D. But with Madagascar 3, there was finally some excellent 3D!

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a lot of ooohs and ahhhs from the crowd as well as kids laugh as they tried to dodge things coming at them.

Afro Circus

This little diddy from Marty the Zebra is STILL stuck in my head.

Need I say more about that one?

So, was there anything I didn’t like? At one point, one of the characters says “bullshivitz” which we all know what THAT sounds like. The parents gasped, the older kids giggled and the little kids were clueless. That’s probably the only part of the movie that may make parents uncomfortable in this PG movie.

Big Roo’s Impression

Big Roo is five and he just adored it. He REALLY liked the music (Katy Perry) and the colors of the circus scenes. In fact, between the colors and the 3D, he was pretty much mesmerized by the movie.

When I asked Big Roo was he liked best, he simply said, “The jaguar.” (meaning Gia)

Madagascar 3 just opened yesterday so make it a summer movie must-see!

Disclosure: I received free passes for this movie but wasn’t compensated for this review. All opinions are mine (and Big Roo’s in some cases).

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  1. says

    this sounds awesome. I am thinking of take my little one (she’s 3) but I was worried she wouldn’t like it (or I for that matter) but you put me at ease. Will most likely go see this tonight!

  2. says

    I haven’t seen any of the Madagascar films although a lot of people like them. I just saw Prometheus which was what was up.