My Word for 2012: Where I’m at With the Word Simplify

I hate to say something trite like “wow- it’s already April?!” but seriously, what the hay? It’s like I blinked and it’s here.

At the beginning of each year, I choose one word that I want to live and breathe throughout the year. To me, it’s better than a bunch of resolutions I can’t follow. Instead, it’s like a one-word mantra that I can keep in the back of my head when I make life’s big and small choices.

Each quarter of the year, I want to update you (and myself) about how I’m doing with that word… even if it’s not exactly where I want to be. For 2012, SIMPLIFY is my word.

So How Am I Doing?

1. My Blogging Life

As I promised myself, I changed to one Twitter handle, which has been the best thing ever. I don’t even remember life with two Twitter handles- it’s like my mind blocked that out because it was so painful. Heh. At first, I missed the @adventuroo Twitter handle but there’s something so liberating about me just being ME on Twitter.

As for this blog, you’ll notice that some weeks I only post once, sometimes two times and even some weeks I don’t even post (like last week). While it’s not ideal, guess what? I’M OKAY WITH IT. I refuse to post just to post and so I only post when I have something to say (and time to say it). I’m not seeking sponsored posts, ambassadorships or advertising here at Adventuroo. It’s not saying I won’t say yes if it’s a good fit but my work life has picked up so something has to give. I’m not superwoman… but I love writing. So Adventuroo is my creative outlet where my words are personal, not about blogging or a client’s products. It’s not going anywhere but I’ve let go of any pressure to be here and just write when I can and hope you read it. :-)

2. My Work Life

I originally talked about things like taming email and simplifying some client documents. Well, email is still a work in progress. Ahem.

But client stuff has taken a super, fab, totally awesome turn for the best! In fact, it’s so mindblowingly BIG that I’m saving my news for its own post next week!

It’s kind of funny how things work. A few weeks ago I was scared sick about the lack of consistent client work. And then opportunities just seemingly starting popping up. And one stayed popped up. And boy I can’t wait to tell you about it!

3. My Personal Life

Okay let’s see. I wanted to scrapbook again. So far that’s a NAY… however, I AM getting crafty. My youngest sister’s baby shower is this weekend so I’ve been designing, cutting and crafting lots of things for it. As I do so, I see all the unused patterned paper, chipboard and other scrapbook goodies that I really must get my hand on.

I’m teaching the kids Spanish like I wanted to I need to be better about it. Right now, I say little phrases and sometimes full sentences then repeat them in English. My goal is to try and see if I can speak to them for a couple of days a week mainly in Spanish. It’s ambitious but I want to give it a shot. MY Spanish has gotten loads better from speaking on Facebook chat with some of my family in Costa Rica. It’s been a big help but I know saying it out loud will still slow me down a bit.

Overall, I’m tired. I go to bed late because I do a gazillion things every day. I never feel caught up. With all the simplifying I STILL have so much on my plate. Work, kids, kindergarten starting (oh the school tours- our county doesn’t do neighborhood schools so it’s this big ole process), vacation planning, baby shower crafting, etc. etc. etc. I’m starting to wonder when I won’t feel so busy.

Hopefully I’ll be able to simplify some aspects of my life even more by my next update and will consistently go to bed before midnight again like the good ole days.

What about you? How are you doing with your goals for the year?

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  1. says

    What a great idea for a post! I too will start to panic when client work isn’t coming in, then bam! I am swamped. phew right?! My goals have been going right as planned so far. I have a great new blog set up thanks to the awesomeness that is you! I am down nearly 20 pounds. My business has branched off into another venture….so all is good over here!
    Britt Anderson recently posted..Why Can’t I Get Just ONE Shot in Focus???

  2. says

    Love that you are finding ways to simplify and I’m sure the Twitter one was huge. I decided to go down to one email address for everything and while sometimes overwhelming, I think it has given me more time of not having to constantly log into one and out of another.