Swing High, Swing Low

Sometimes I just sit and look back at the joy that kids find in the little things.

It’s my nature to sometimes intervene… to say “oh don’t do that.” or “be careful!” or “why don’t you come do this instead?” I’m by no means a helicopter mom but sometimes I just. can’t. shut. up.

So the other day I just watched and snapped pictures. Letting the Roos do what they do. Interact with each other. Learn from each other. Just PLAY for crying out loud.

And the playground equipment of choice this time were the swings.

Run, run, run.


Up. Down.

Higher. Lower.

Zooming through the air like little planes. Feeling the rush of air, the freedom of both feet off the ground, the just-plain-fun of flying on a rubber swing.

Big Roo was the teacher. Showing Little Roo the ropes. Being older, he had enough balance to shoot his arms out and feel wind whizz through his little fingers.

And of course he was also the goof off.


Little Roo was the figuring it all out. How EXACTLY do I get on this thing? Let me watch my big brother and see how he does it.

After a while he decided he just wasn’t going high enough this way and decided that the bucket seat swing was much better for flying.

Looking through these pictures was a nice reminder to let the kids find their OWN adventures.

And just to sit back, snap a few pictures and watch.



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  1. says

    Aww, such cute boys! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only mom at the playground letting my boys run up the slide or sit on the seesaw backward. I don’t want them to get hurt or set a bad example for others, but sometimes you’ve just gotta let kids be kids.
    Abby recently posted..Why I Don’t Procrastinate

  2. says

    How do you take pictures with swings going on? We are taking our swings down because they cause nothing but fights and then Violet begs to be pushed constantly and when she is not on the swing she is running in front of it and being kicked in the face! I am insanely jealous of the good times you and your guys have on those swings. What adorable pics!
    Brittany recently posted..Today Show, How I Miss Thee