5 Things to Capture on a Kid’s Birthday

A couple of weeks ago my kids’ celebrated their 2nd and 5th birthdays (yep, the same day). Each year that birthdays roll around, I do the ole “What?! Time flieesssss” even when I know that it didn’t quite zoom by. I’m a big believer in capturing milestones, jotting down memories before they become fuzzy and recording just how fast those kids “grow like weeds.”

So each year I take a second to capture these five things on their birthday:

1. Pictures of the Kids

This one is pretty DUH obvious but when it’s a busy day, it’s easy to overlook. Be sure to grab your phone or camera and get a few shots of them opening a present, eating cake and just hanging out. We went to the park and I tried my hardest to get out of them looking at the camera. This was better than nothing!

2. Hand and Feet Prints

Okay okay so I won’t be able to really do this with Big Roo much longer because he will start saying I’m a dorky mom. But while they are young, it’s a great way to see their growth. All it takes is a little acrylic paint, a foam brush and a nice piece of paper.

The kids really get a kick out of this one.

3. Recording Milestones and Sayings

What are your kid’s favorite toys right now? TV shows? Food? What’s their personality like? What are some of the funny things they say? Take about 5 minutes and just jot down anything that you’ll want to remember years down the road.  I keep these milestones and sayings in a program called MacJournal. The free app Evernote is also a great choice!

4. Playing and Talking on Video

A birthday is a great excuse to record your child, even for just a few minutes, to capture personality, looks and sheer cuteness. You can take a video of them playing or even do a kid interview.

I know that years from now, I’ll enjoy hearing their little kid voices and laughs.

5. Measuring Their Growth on a Chart (or the Wall)

I started doing this when Big Roo turned one and it’s been a yearly tradition. It’s also been a yearly tradition to say I really should get a pretty growth chart.

But for now, it’s just pencil marks on the door frame. I love seeing the difference in height between my two boys.

So tell me, what do YOU capture for your kid’s birthday (or a few days later- hehe)?
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    Even though I don’t have any kids yet I still thought this was a great post. These list of essential shots are the only way I can ever manage to remember what to shot during an event. I find myself always making shot lists now. I especially liked the recording milestones idea. I wish my parents would have recorded more of these so I could go back and see what I was like during different times in my life. I have been trying to do this with my wife when we are on trips now so that I can remember our milestones before we have children. Thanks for the great tips!
    Josh recently posted..Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills