Playing I Spy through Skype

The Challenge: Spending some fun time with your kids when you’re traveling without them

The Solution: I Spy Skype-Style

Time Needed to Play: At least 5 minutes (or until you run out of things to spy)

My father didn’t travel much for business when I was growing up. But when he did, he kept in touch with a regular, good ole fashioned phone call.

Times have changed (duh) and so has technology. When I was traveling in late 2011 due to my family emergency, I relied on Skype. A lot. I mean it’s either phone calls with international rates or use wifi for free Skype-to-Skype calls WITH video.

Take that Alexander Graham Bell. Skype for the win!

So, what’s so magical about Skype when you are traveling without your kids? Well, the kids get a kick out of talking through video. Out of “seeing you” when you are far away. And playing I Spy not only gets you some “playtime” with your kids, it also gives them a glimpse into your surroundings so they can better understand where you are.

How to Play I Spy through Skype

You play it just like regular I Spy for the most part. It’s really nothing elaborate, which is the beauty of it.

After you’re on the line with your kids, here’s what you do:

1. Tell them a little bit about where you are and remind them of why you’re there. It’ll lay the foundation.

2. If you’re using a phone, just flip the camera around and start panning across your surroundings. If it’s from your computer hold that puppy up and then do the same. Ask them to “spy” something.

3. Now take a guess! Come on. I’m sure they didn’t make it THAT hard. And if they did, well, you may wanna cut back on how much of your surroundings that you show them. Or you may just be there all night (not my fault).

(We did a fake Skype call so I could snap some pictures for this post. Ignore the blurry part of the picture but at the bottom right, you can see playroom where they may choose to let me spy something nifty.)

I’m excited to share this with you as part of Frequent Flyer Father’s Be.Owing Project, which is “the largest collaboration of parents, for parents, re-engaging families across the nation by designing and providing 737 creative ways to increase love in the home.” I’ll be sharing a couple more ideas for you in the next few weeks but in the meantime check out the video to learn more about the project! 

The Be.Owing Project from TFFFather on Vimeo.

The Be.Owing Project is the Frequent Flyer Father gratitude program servicing – 737 ways to Check-In @ home from the road. 


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