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tea collection modern mexico

With the recent traveling I’ve done lately because of my dad, you may have gathered that I’m half Costa Rican. I’ve traveled there many times throughout my life. What you may not know is that I’ve traveled elsewhere a decent bit in my life too. I spent two months in Spain when I was in college. I traveled through parts of Italy and France. I’ve honeymooned in Jamaica. Vacationed in Mexico. And a few other places as well.

I want my kids to grow up knowing that there are other cultures, other foods, other traditions out there. The world is full of differences and I don’t want them to live in an American bubble. With all that’s happened lately, I feel stronger about this than ever. That’s why when I learned about Tea, I was practically giddy. 

Tea is a clothing company that travels the world visiting spots like Japan, Brazil, Catalonia (think Barcelona) and their most recent destination, Mexico. Then they design clothing lines inspired by the colors, art, scenery and all around beauty of the places they visit. Not only that, they write about their travels on their website, post pictures on Flickr and even blog about the inspiration behind their designs (which I know my fellow bloggers will dig). I can appreciate a company that has that much passion about the world around them.

Tea sent me some of their Modern Mexico line so the kids could try them out (and so this mama could see what she thought). The verdict? We are all officially in love with Tea. Even Daddy Roo (which I’ll get to later).

In fact, Big Roo begged to wear this Aztec serpent tee right away (and has proceeded to want to wear it anytime he sees it in his drawer, i.e. anytime it’s not in the laundry pile). It also gives me a chance to tell him about the cool Aztec pyramids (with a little help from Google).

And Little Roo desperately wanted to fit into Big Roo’s Desierto Henley shirt…

But ended up being happy with a shirt of his own.

So, the kids obviously love these clothes.

As for me, I’m totally enamored by the idea that these clothes are globally-inspired in such a fun way. Traveling around the world to design a clothing line is pretty sweet, isn’t it? The clothing lines that Tea designs are pretty magical in how they incorporate aspects of a travel destination with modern-looking clothes, like so:

tea collection arena lagarto tee

tea collection desierto henley

I should mention that Daddy Roo liked these Fuerte polos so much that he wished they came in his size. He loved the texture of the shirts and thought they were pretty stylin’.

In addition to the awesome shirts, they also have some great pants, both basics and not-so-basics. Big Roo is wearing the Ticking Striped Pant. It’s funny because I typically don’t buy striped pants for the Roos… but you have to admit that he looks pretty slick. The pants are actually pretty awesome.

And Little Roo’s Surplus pants look super cool (though I can’t help looking at his cute footsies too).
tea collection surplus playwear pants

If you’re itching to get your hands on some great Tea fashions after seeing the Roo kiddos all dressed up, check out their nice sale at the moment! You can also get 10% off your first order just for signing up for their newsletter.

I’m pretty curious to see how they incorporate their next travel destination into a clothing line so I’ll be watching for updates on their Facebook page. Until I travel again, I think I’ll be living through Tea!

Disclaimer: The lovely folks at Tea sent me these clothes to review.  The opinions (and cute kids) are all my own.

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  1. says

    I love the idea of this company. The cuteness in your house is too much.

    I wish my boys were little again (did I say that out loud??) so I could order some of the cuteness.
    Heather recently posted..Perspective