A Mario Brothers Halloween

I haven’t dressed up in years.

But since Big Roo insisted on being Mario this year, I thought we’d go all out and dress up as a family (although we almost didn’t). Presenting Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad…

Mario Luigi Princess Peach and Toad Costume

The reason we almost didn’t all dress up is because I didn’t think Daddy Roo and I could find the stuff to pull ours off. We decided we’d go to ONE Goodwill and see what we could dig up. Score! I found a pink dress and a sleeveless t-shirt to make Little Roo’s vest. Daddy Roo couldn’t find any overalls (who really wants men’s overalls anyway) so we ended up buying his. Aren’t they a cute match?

Mario and Luigi Costume

The day of our Halloween parade Little Roo did NOT want to wear his shower-cap-turned-mushroom hat. But on Halloween he was totally down with it.
Mario and Toad Costume

And I made the little blue medallion from chipboard, paint and Diamond Glaze. The wig and gloves came from Target. I tell ya what, the “Glamour Girl” wig kept me warm outside.

Mario and Princess Peach Costume

My little Toad and Mario…

Toad and Mario Costume

You can find the awesome Mario and Luigi costumes on HalloweenCostumes.com. They even have Toad and Princess Peach costumes if you’re not up for DIYing it!

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  1. says

    You guys are too cute! I love that you all dressed up. Hubby and I talked about it but never got around to making our costumes. There’s always next year!

    Great job on making your’s and Little Roo’s costume!