Week in My Life: Wednesday

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Happy Hump Day! Today was a mix of feeling unorganized, being productive and spending WAY too long cooking a meal for dinner that we should have saved for the weekend.

Today promised rain but turned out it didn’t do much. Bummer.

I just adore the Today show in the morning. In fact, we’re giving up satellite when our contract ends in December and I don’t know what I’ll do in the mornings without Matt and Ann. Love watching them on our old ass bedroom tv. When I hear the “duh, DUH, duh” thingy as the show starts, I always run in to see what’s up. Today’s current events?

  • The terror plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabia ambassador to the US (is it just me or is there a lot of ASS in that sentence?)
  • Still looking for Baby Lisa who went missing from her home in the middle of the night
  • Chris Christine endorsing Mitt Romney

For the past couple of years, I rarely do my make-up in the bathroom. Usually I need to keep an eye on my mischievous children so I plop down wherever they are (Little Roo mainly). Today it happened to be in the living room.

And of course, Little Roo likes to pretend he’s putting mineral powder on his face (he does manage to get some). Let’s just hope no snot came back with it.

The Morning Work Play-by-Play

Let’s skip to my morning routine after the kids get to preschool, how ’bout it? Today is their second long day of the week where they stay at school until 2:30. It’s usually my most productive freelance day.

9:15- Arrive back from preschool (ran a little late again so I’m about 5 minutes off from the usual)

9:18- Heat up coffee in the microwave

9:24- Sit down to check email, get on social media (for my blogs) and comment on some Week in My Life posts

10:06- Switch from coffee to water. Also I’m now watching an episode of Parenthood. I don’t typically watch TV while I write but sometimes do when I’m doing other work. I’m only one episode behind now. Weeee!

10:08- Post a few things to Facebook for my blogs

10:11- Start my Mac Widget timer for Harvest, which is an invoicing & time-tracking app. Start working on writing some Facebook posts for a client.

10:18- Email previous boss about some potential work. We’d discussed it a while ago and just wanted to catch up.

10:23- Get email from client approving my Facebook posts for the week and I go post for today.

10:28- Spend a few minutes uploading a video from Week in My Life (didn’t put it in yesterday’s post– forgot!)

10:36- Trader Joe’s Black Cherry yogurt while checking some freelance billings. Yum! (the yogurt, not the billings)

10:49- Work on copywriting a client’s entire website. Decide to print out their webpage design (I like to write on things to decide where content should go).

11:07- Take a quick break to finish with that video

11:14- Back to copywriting.

11:41- Decide it’s seriously too quiet so I turn on the Pandora station on our Roku. LOVE Adele!

11:51- More copywriting until lunch.

12:23- Move to kitchen table so I can grab lunch and work,

12:31- Impromptu call with Gigi from Kludgy Mom and Fran from SITS Girls about some SITS content.

12:33- My iPhone dropped them. SO glad we’re moving to Verizon later this week!

1:10- Seriously I had to leave my house to use my iPhone (don’t have land line). Sat in the pool parking lot in the next neighborhood over while I talked with them. GRRRRR. Frustration about my phone’s coverage inside my house.

1:??- Daddy Roo forgot to tell me about termite guy coming to do routine check in. He’s now at my house as I pull up.

1:22- He leaves. I hop to the couch to work some more.

2:13- Last few minutes before picking up kids. Hop onto Twitter and Facebook. Then it’s off to get the kids.

I just love picking them up in the afternoon. They have SO much fun in the aftercare program (1-2:30 pm).

We play for a few before Little Roo’s naptime. For WEEKS they’ve been singing the song Tonight Tonight. These guys look like 80s dorks but you’d know the song if you heard it.

Wanna hear the kiddos sing? Well, here ya go…

For the afternoon, I become queen of all multi-tasking! I did laundry while listening to a webinar, practiced my Bloggy Boot Camp presentation while working on dinner and practiced for my step class. I teach group exercise but I was just running through my routine without really working out. I only teach one Saturday a month right now. Used to teach more but life’s too busy!

While that floor may look clean, don’t let that fool you. There’s a nasty pile of laundry in our first floor master. With clothes all over the floor because I haven’t had time to put them up yet I’ve had to rummage through the baskets for things we needed.

So how can I be an organized person when I have messes like this in my house? Do you ever feel really on top of some things and slack with others? For example, we always do our dishes every night after dinner (but it’s okay if we leave glasses in the sink and stuff). But I just can’t get a grip on laundry! Yesterday I fumbled through that pile for Big Roo’s soccer socks. Then today I was searching for a shirt for him. Something I need to work on, I guess!

Big Roo and I worked on a homemade enchilada sauce during Little Roo’s naptime. He was in charge of mixing spices.

When Daddy Roo came home, he took over cooking duties while I watched the kids. WHO WERE ABSOLUTELY BONKERS.

This was okay and relatively calm:

This was not:

Little Roo was a WILD MAN tonight. For some reason, Daddy Roo and I decided to try a new recipe of Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas. We usually reserve new recipes for weekends when we have more time. Tonight we realized it was a dumb move. Dinner was later than usual so we fed the kids first. We had to use the spinach mixture to make them quesadillas because the enchilada sauce was too spicy for them.

Neither of them ate well, even though Big Roo loves spinach. Ummm, next time let’s stick to SIMPLE weekday dinner cause I’m not Martha Stewart. For realz.

Daddy Roo gave Trajan his second insulin shot of the day. Yep, he has diabetes. You can read about him going blind if you’d like. It happened fast.

If there’s one thing I can be grateful for in my life, it’s that Daddy Roo and I are equals in this house. We both cook, we both clean, we both put the kids to bed. Sure one of us typically does more than the other in some regards but we’re a big, sappy team.

He put away laundry while I did the dishes.


Oh and I almost forgot. My new iPhone case from Uncommon!

Mid-Week Inspiration

You know how there are times when you work really (exhaustingly) hard for something but when you’re done, you’re SO happy you did because the reward is so great? That’s what I hope you’ll find with Week in My Life. I know it’s tough but years from now I know I’ll love looking back at this stuff.

If you’re starting to feel like the week is getting mundane, here are some things you may want to document:

  • Sum up your thoughts about the day: was it tough, fun, frustrating, busy?
  • What can you find to be thankful for each day?
  • What you’re learning about yourself through this process. Is there anything you want to change?
  • Interview a family member about their favorites (books, games, foods).
  • Get close-ups on everyday objects you use, love, hate, whatever.
  • Your kids’ room or your room.
Remember YOU ARE NOT BORING. We’re capturing the mundane and you have a story to tell!
One final thought- if you take fewer pictures one day, that’s okay! If you only document a chunk of each day, that’s cool too! The week is what you want to make it!

ThisLife Linky Giveaway!

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ThisLife has generously donated a BEAUTIFUL camera bag from Cheeky Lime for me to give away this week! You can pick either this green or a nice red too.

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To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is link up your post to any day during the Week in My Life Project. If you do all seven days? You get seven entries! Just a few more things to know:

  • You’ve gotta link your post using the linky below
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Don’t forget the Twitter party Thursday at 8: 00 am EST!

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  1. says

    How funny – we started off our posts today excatly the same! Calling out our love for the Today show and noting a few headlines. :) Very fun. FYI, we’ve never had cable but we still get the basic channels. Jon rigged up an antena and it works like a charm. It’s in our attic.
    Christy Knutson recently posted..week in our life {tuesday}

  2. says

    Great idea to share current events! I’ll have to do that at some point this week. I’ve hopped on the Adele train too. Her music is so good. Question for you…how do you manage to get such nice screen shots of your phone?

  3. says

    I loved seeing your work play by play. Since I’m building a freelance writing career, it’s nice to see how someone else organizes their freelance work time. You have a lot going on, lady. And thanks for the mid week inspiration. I needed that. I’ve been working so hard on these posts but I know it’s just for this week and it’ll be great memories.

  4. says

    I kind of wish I’d seen these posts at the beginning of the week – this would be fun to do on my blog – but probably not this week since it’s my busiest week of the year at work. I really enjoyed reading it! And just so you know, that next Parenthood episode you haven’t watched yet – is so awesome. I cried, in a good way.
    And my girls love that Hot Chelle Rae song :)
    Katie E. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Good Morning from Brinky

  5. says

    My 8 year old was reading through your post with me, and her only comment was “Oh, I hate that song! I listened to it WAY too many times when I was at Andrea’s house. They played it, like a thousand times a day!” Me? I think it’s fun (but I haven’t listened to it a thousand times a day. lol

    Love your new phone case!!
    Lolli @ Better in Bulk recently posted..A Week in My Life: Day 3

  6. says

    First, I have to say, I have some serious hair envy. I love your hair. The curls are GORGEOUS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    I love the timeline you do. I tried to do that for my Wednesday post. I wanted to capture a short time frame in minutes like you do…. I quickly got side tracked and forgot about it. Oh well.
    Mandi McClure recently posted..Week in my Life – Wednesday

  7. says

    I *adore* Adele!!! And I’m with you on the shared chores with the hubs (ironically enough, last night – he did the dishes while I attacked the laundry). He works REALLY hard at work, but he does help out at home quite a bit more than his own father did (who had 6 kids and never changed a single diaper… among other things). I really believe that sharing responsibilities teaches an important message to our kids: we all help each other out.
    Kelli MW recently posted..Life Happens: Wednesday

  8. says

    You teach a step class too?? Holy super mom. And are you kidding me with that video of the Roos singing? A-DOR-able!! That’s so funny that you show your phone case from Uncommon. I got one a few months ago with a hilarious picture of my daughter on it, and I love it!
    Jocelyn recently posted..Week in My Life – Day 3: Wednesday

  9. says

    Your work day sounds a lot like mine, but I can’t decide if I want to publish it just in case someone from work every stumbles upon it! It’s 11:48 and I haven’t managed to do any actual work yet! Been blogging and buying books online, and I talked to a friend for 90 minutes this morning! How can I admit to that in writing?!
    Julie recently posted..A Week in My Life: Wednesday

  10. says

    Isn’t it awesome to have a “teamwork” hubby? Michael and I have been together 25 years and if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that if we just team up we can handle anything.
    Angie recently posted..Happy Wednesday!


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