“A Week in My Life” Starts Monday: Come Share Yours Too!

It’s coming! I’ve hinted around here and there about this. Last year, I captured an ENTIRE week in my life. And looking back on my posts, it just about makes me cry because of how different life is now. In just one year (okay a year and a few months), our ins and outs of daily life are drastically different.

Like this picture from July 2010:

The kids now bathe together and MAN does Little Roo look different. I can’t wait to get more bath shots next week.

But THIS is why I want to document my life for one week each year. And why I want YOU to join me.

Because I know you want to remember these big and little moments too… before they are just fuzzy memories with no pictures or words to spring them back to life.

Why You Should Capture Your Life, Too (Even If It’s Just for a Day)

I really REALLY want you to do this. Not for me but for YOU! It’s a lot of work but the reward is that you’ll have a slice of your daily life that you can show to your children as they get older (and can look back on yourself when you’re feeling sentimental).

A few things you should know:

  • Don’t feel like you have to document a full week if it sounds like too much. Even a day will capture a slice of your everyday life.
  • This is for you so don’t feel like you have to post every single thing you did that day. Publish as much or as little as you’d like for public consumption and then keep the rest for your own memory keeping.
  • Let go of the idea that each shot should be free of clutter (like clothes hampers, toys, etc). THAT’S life, right? Embrace the perfect and not-so-perfect surroundings of your life.
  • If you already have reviews, giveaways, guest posts or other things planned next week, no worries! Just participicate the days you can (you can even combine multiple days into a post if you want).
  • What if you don’t typically blog about yourself or your family? Turn this into a series around a topic you DO write about: ex. food- series on what your family eats each day, ex. green living- how you live green in daily life and challenges you come across, ex. budget living- how you still to a budget for a week, etc. etc.
  • If you’re unsure what sorts of things you should capture, I’ll be posting some ideas for you on Friday!

How It Works

Week in My Life will run from Monday, October 10 to Sunday, October 16. Each day, I want you to record your life through pictures, words and maybe even some video. The morning after, publish your post highlighting the day before. So on Tuesday, you publish Monday’s day and so on. If you tweet, we’ll be using the hashtag #weekinmylife.

Each day there will be a linky so you can link up your posts. (Linking up will also double as an entry in a giveaway for something really cool– oh wait, did I spill the beans? Stay tuned.)

You don’t need many supplies but here’s what I’ll be using next week:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Remote control for my camera (I’ll use my self-timer too)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • iPhone to record videos, take notes, take pics when my camera isn’t within easy reach
  • A checklist of things I want to be sure to document (stay tuned for Friday’s post for some ideas)

But Wait! There’s More!

Oh yes, it’s gonna be awesome around here (and elsewhere) next week. Week in My Life is being sponsored by ThisLife, a really cool application that pulls in your memories from your computer, Instagram, Facebook and more. I’ll be guest posting over at their blog, co-hosting a Twitter party, doing a cool giveaway and providing you with more awesome ideas to capture a week in YOUR life.

Okay, my friends, I’d love for you to do two things:

  • Leave a comment if you think you’ll be participating in some way, shape or form next week. Also feel free to ask any questions about Week in My Life.
  • Head over to ThisLife and simply enter your email to register for an invite for their beta. Invites will be going out in the coming weeks but it’s worth the wait!
I really can’t wait to get started on documenting a week in my life!



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    • melissa says

      LOL. Honestly, I wanted to throw in the towel at times last year but looking back, I’m amazed at how much I captured (I have tons of pics/notes that didn’t even make it to the blog too).

    • melissa says

      Oh yes, I remember! Yes, plan to do this sometime, even if you don’t blog about it. I just love looking back at last year.

  1. says

    I would love to do this, but I feel like it would be super boring, since I work outside the home! 11 hours of commuting and my office for 5 days! ha!

    • melissa says

      One’s better than nothing I’d say! Or one weekday plus the weekend if you want to do a bit more!

    • melissa says

      Aw yeah! I’m glad you can do it. I WISH I had done it sooner last year when Little Roo was younger.

  2. says

    This looks like so much fun! I don’t if I can participate, my computer is broken so right now I have no way to upload photos! But I’ll be happy to spread the word for you!

    • melissa says

      Oh no! If you have an iPhone, feel free to snap pics and post directly from the WordPress app.

      I’m sorry you’re computer is broken. I wish there was an UNLIKE button here.

  3. Nidols at Arrows Sent Forth says

    I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. I’m definitely going to give it a try! My focus will be more on the types of stuff we do to get out of the house, in keeping with my blog’s general topic. Thanks for encouraging all of us to do this!
    Nidols at Arrows Sent Forth recently posted..Fort Wayne’s Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory

    • melissa says

      That’s perfect! And feel free to document the more personal stuff (meals, routines, etc) anyway just don’t blog about them.

      I can’t wait to see what you do over there!

  4. says

    Shut your face, I love this!!! I have been a slacker lately because work has been nutso. This is exactly the sort of project I need. =)

  5. says

    What a great idea! With 14-month-old twins and a 3 month old, I can’t promise I’ll be able to do every day, but I’m going to give it a shot!
    Anna recently posted..William

  6. says

    Great idea! I think I’m going to try and join you. Gotta get some new batteries for the camera.

    BTW, it’s nice seeing the other side of the momcomm lady.

  7. says

    This is SO cool, Mel! I’m all over this since my hubs gave me a new Canon Rebel T2i. I’ve been dying to use it more often and learn how to shoot better pics. This should be fun!

  8. says

    Wow! What a fantastic idea! This time next year I will have TWO kids. That’s crazy to think of, but I can only imagine how different it will be. I’m in!! And I’m hoping this is just the kind of blogging bootcamp I need to get myself in the habit of writing more frequently. Thanks Mel ;)
    Alexia @ Babies & Bacon recently posted..Just Another Manic Monday

  9. says

    Just found the link over here on Twitter. Today is your actual start date but I’m thinking about jumping in! My kids are older (teenagers) but life is still a little nuts sometimes.

  10. says

    I was just catching up on my blog reading today. I was REALLY behind, so I got started a little late in the day but I’m gonna try this. I would love to have it to look back on in a few years. Fun, fun!
    Mandi McClure recently posted..Autumn’s Color

  11. says

    Thanks for this inspiration! I learned about your site and project from Genie in a Blog. I’m in! I just took down my notes for this morning while my boys are napping. It’s serendipitious that you are doing this this week. On Sunday, I had this overwhelming need to start taking photos or mini videos of things my boys are doing right now because I KNOW this time of sweetness, joy and toddler curiousity wont last long.

  12. Edna Fuller says

    I’m definitely going to give it a try! This should be fun! This is gonna be such a blast!! This sounds so great.
    Edna Fuller recently posted..Gout Tips

  13. says

    You are absolutely right. I total agree with you. My father always likes to take pictures and videos to children since they were born. He kept telling us that when they grow up, looking back on everyone’s past, it would have a great fun and an own memory keeping. Now we really enjoy these pictures and videos taken about ten years ago.


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