The Ubiquitous Post-Conference Love Fest

You knew I’d do it, right?

Last week, I gave away my blog conference virginity to the Type A Parent Conference in Asheville, NC. While I’ve been to conferences and trade shows before, this whole blog conference scene was new to me.

Yesterday I wrote about things I learned outside of the sessions.

Today I’m writing about people.

Even though I was a conference newbie, it didn’t feel new to me. These were mah peeps. My peers. Those who spoke the same bloggy lingo, had the same challenges as a blogger and were eager to learn, turn online friends into IRL ones and meet new friends too.

If you’re looking for the practical knowledge that I learned from Type A, then you’ll have to wait until next week when I’m done with Bloggy B-Card Week on my other blog, Momcomm. I’ll post all that brainy stuff over there after the 4th of July holiday weekend.

If you’re looking for the warm fuzzy part of the conference, well then keep reading.

First, there’s no better way to kick off a time away then with a roadtrip!

I drove the Raleigh crew of @allthingsfadra (aka @socialdialect), @notthecar and @goodgirlgonered over to Asheville. Here we are before we hit the road:

There are so many peeps that I was DYING to meet and lucky for me, I got to. Unfortunately, I went rogue with my camera. For someone who takes a gazillion pictures with my DSLR (me), it’s amazing that 1. I mainly took pictures with my iPhone and 2. that I really didn’t take that many pictures at all. Next time, I vow to snap way more pics.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to take of actual people:

Tina (@lifewithoutpink) was at the top of my “have to meet or I’ll cry” list. So glad we met and hung out.

Alissa (@havestroller) was also on that list. That chick was awesome.

I snagged a picture with @shellthings too after she got a picture of me with pursey.

Nights were da bomb, spending times with awesome peeps like @toddleraudrey, @kellyology and @thehhhousewife.

Dinners were some of my fave parts of the conference, dining with cool girls like @guavalicious@thehhhousewife@kellyology, @mommybknowsbest and @allthingsfadra.

Me and one of my road-tripsters @goodgirlgonered.

My roomie and hometown neighbor @allthingsfadra.

While I couldn’t fit all my new friends in my bag to take home, the four of us carpoolers sure had a lot else to fit into the back of my car.

There were also people I didn’t get pictures of but really loved meeting:

@staceynerdin, @mommywords, @porchswingmom, @oboyorganic@amandapadgett, @bellebeandog@mamadweeb, @mamaofalltrades, @windowseatbooks, @techsavvymama, @gograhamgo, @reallifesarah, @musingsfromme, @superjennblogs, @resourcefulmommy, @amybhole, @honestandtruly, @AliciaMarie112, @angengland, @daniellesmithtv, @jo-lynne, @babypop, @ciaomom, @coloradomom @caitm, @robynsworld, @chilihead, @bywordmusings@mommywantsvodka, @youngmommy, @centsiblelife and a bazillion people I know I didn’t mention.

While I do love the conference learning, I can’t give a Power Point presentation big hugs like I can to my peeps. There are some amazing bloggers out there… and I’m thrilled to have met some of them.

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  1. says

    Oh, this looks so fun! I have yet to attend any blogging related conferences, but I would really like to in the near future! It’s great to see your pictures and see the real women behind the blogs just having fun!