Stream of Consciousness: Head Above Water

Today I’m doing All Thing Fadra’s stream of consciousness Sunday. The rules? Set a timer and do a FIVE minute free write. The kicker though? NO editing. JUST HIT PUBLISH. God help me cause I DO love to edit myself.


I finally feel like my head’s above water.

Although I think I may be blocking out some serious things on my to-do list but for now I’m enjoying the denial of that.

Between the two birthday parties, company in town (family) and trying to start a new blog while simulatneoulsy building a freelance career in marketing consulting, I’ve had my share of things that have kept my busy. But last week, things came to a head. We had the birthday parties, I landed some freelance work and some more work from my old company, I toured a preschool as I contemplate alternating or switching to a different schedule. And I made a lot of progess on

I’m a to-do list queen and usually my lists last for a while as I keep pushing a thing or two over to another day and another day until I just decide not to do it. Or I build up so much dread about doing it that I make it owrse than it is. This past week though, I’m making lists and checking them off. Rinse, repeat. It’s been fabulous.

Next week I ave a productive one planned. Oh did I mention my email inbox has less than 15 emails in it? How long can I keep that up I wonder. Anyway, after feeling SO behind all the time, I actually feel pretty good about my workload.

Let’s see how long this will last.

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    • melissa says

      Oh I have bits of paper all over the house with crap written on it. It’s amazing. I’m sure my list would be longer if I could collect it all in one place.

  1. says

    I go in spurts. Yesterday was pretty productive when I wasn’t answering the call of the computer. Today, I’m focused on the computer so I can’t even see the rest of the house. Mondays are always my catch-up days and then I can hopefully get ahead by the time I work on Wednesday again.

  2. says

    so glad you’re getting things done :-) i’m a “push on to the next day” type of person as well. but my resolution for this year was to get better with getting things done. and finally last week i started to put some practices in place to do that and last week felt good. i went to bed with a sense i had accomplished some things.
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