Momcomm Guest Post: Editorial vs Advertorial… What’s the Difference?

If you missed last week, be sure to get some ideas for writing more creative blog posts that don’t bore your readers. Today’s post is from my friend Erin from Tales from a Marketing Mama. A local blogger, Erin has been in marketing and PR for a number of years and understands pitching, being pitched and what constitutes paid media so listen up! Be sure to leave her some comment love and visit her blog!

There have been a lot of questions lately circulating the interwebs around PR, media requests and payment. And depending on a blogger’s background, I’m not sure that everyone understands the difference between editorial and advertorial and free media coverage and advertising.

Blogs have changed the face of media; there is no question about it. And all parties, bloggers and companies included, are still navigating these gray, murky waters.

But here are the facts.

Sorry to interject but this full post is now over at, my blog that’s chock full of can-do blogging tips. Stop by to read Editorial vs. Advertorial and for more posts about writing, social media, blog critiques and more!

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  1. says

    Wonderful information and it’s great to hear that we can / should resond to some of those emails with options for advertising. I am all about putting myself out there now that I am ready for advertising. Thanks for all the info.

    Also – dreaming of being in a musical. I am right there with you!
    Brittany at Mommy Words recently posted..DIY- Disney Autograph Book

  2. says

    The bloggy waters are gray and murky – in more ways than one! Thanks for writing this up in such a clear way. I keep waiting for my readership to grow before I approach any advertisers but this post makes me think I shouldn’t wait!
    Anne recently posted..Tackling a cold

    • melissa says

      Anne- No need to wait! In fact, it’ll at the very least build up some experience in approaching advertisers. You never know unless you just ask!

  3. says

    Here from @KikaRose (Jessica’s) twitter feed.

    I would draw a further distinction between advertorial versus sponsored content.

    To me, advertorial will contain the company’s message. It may be re-written to give it the flavor of the publication, but it is based substantially on copy sent by the company.

    Sponsored posts are on a topic or theme that the company chooses, and contain a short disclaimer message at the bottom with the company’s links, taglines, etc. However, the angle, the wording, the ideas are the bloggers and are not directly an advertisement for the campaign.

    It is the difference between writing about a new blender (review), posting for pay based on content the company has written and sent to you (advertorial), and posting a recipe of your own creation that calls for the use of the features of the blender (sponsored content).

    I’m not a huge fan of advertorial but I don’t think it is dishonest–even The New Yorker has advertorials.

    I don’t accept paid reviews on my lifestyle blog because the perception is, yes, that it biases you. We do pretty well with affiliate links and advertising but the majority of bloggers are struggling with this…because traditional advertising just is not that effective.

    I don’t think it is effective in print, either, but the cold hard proof is there online so companies don’t want to buy the ads. I think it is in the best interest of bloggers and corporations to develop more creative alternatives to banner ads that do not compromise the integrity and independence of the content.

    I think ambassador / spokesblogger deals and sponsored content may be a start.
    Candace @ NaturallyEducational recently posted..Beaded Valentines Heart Ornaments

    • melissa says

      I think that’s a really great point! I personally like hearing the blogger’s personal story in using a product– more authentic.

      Advertorials in print can get kinda sneaky– they are hoping people mistake it for actual content. And I’m sure some people do. As far as for blog posts, I think just by the tone of advertorials you can usually tell if it’s advert or editorial.

      Thanks so much for laying out your thoughts!

  4. says

    I will pass this post along when I hear bloggers complain about not being paid. It really breaks things down. I appreciate editorial content and, like you, pick and choose what I decide to use for my blog. I also appreciate the opportunity to reach out for future paid opportunities with companies that would be a good fit for my blog.
    Mary@Everyday Baby Steps recently posted..Final New Year- New Me Update