Big Roo’s Modern Outdoorsy Bedroom

Since Big Roo loves green and we all love the outdoors, I figured it was only logical to do an outdoor kids room for him. There was just one problem.

Most outdoorsy rooms I’ve seen for kids just really didn’t suit our style.

I’m not into red and brown flannel, mallard ducks and army green for a little kids’ room. I wanted something bright, modern and just all around cool.

Well, piece by piece we worked on Big Roo’s room and I finally have it to a place I’m ready to share with the world.

Everything we picked out for the room was selected to match the Owl bedding from Dwell Studio. I’ve become a bit of an owl freak as of late but, wait, this isn’t about me right? Well, luckily this bedding was met with Big Roo’s enthusiastic approval… mainly because it had green on it!

We actually bought the awesome kids’ table from Inai Inai Ba almost two years ago when they were in their infancy (more on them tomorrow). Big Roo loves to color and play with his cars on that table. And knock the chairs down to jump over them. Boys.

The low profile IKEA dresser is small but perfect kid-height. The cute little wooden animals are from another etsy shop Just Hatched (more on them Thursday). I’m in love with the skunk. Big Roo made the birdhouse at day care. The little white lamp is why we love IKEA (cheap and modern).

The cool outdoor wall decals are from Wee Gallery, who makes killer wall decals among other things. We’ve been a fan of them for years (Big Roo used to have their giraffes in his room but they’ve since been handed down to the bebe).

One of my sisters soaked up all the artist mojo in our family. She came to visit and painted the owl and circle tree (which you’ll see below) to match the bedding. Then my hubby (who is also rather talented) painted the green and brown tree to give a splash of bright green to this side of the room.

Above Big Roo’s bed, we put three pictures from one of his latest hikes (I actually think a larger frame is in order but it’ll do for now). The table is an IKEA favorite (the always-cheap-as-crap Lack table). It’s one of those tables that he could break every two months and we’d still replace it because it costs like $8.

Those alien looking things on the table are actually Oxo Candela nightlights that I bought off eBay. I bought them a while ago and got all giddy when I saw how perfect the colors matched. After scouring etsy for a plush owl, I also scored the cutest owl from the shop plants & animals. I’m SO thrilled that little owl.

Finally, when you walk in, we have a couple of shelves from IKEA. One has a piggy bank on it and the other has an N (no, my kid’s name isn’t Big Roo) and an adorable raccoon from the Just Hatched set. Gee, I puffy heart me some etsy.

That’s it in a nutshell! A modern outdoor kids’ bedroom without the flannel.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour!

Speaking of etsy, come back tomorrow and Thursday for a couple of giveaways from Etsy shops Inai Inai Ba and Just Hatched.

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  1. says

    That’s a nice room! I like the neighborhood park feel it has.
    And I’m with you on the flannel and mallards. Too great huntery.

  2. says

    Lady, this is beautiful! I very uncreatively bought all the matching girl-owl stuff for Anna’s bedroom with the Ikea Hemnes dresser (which hello, is HUGE) and an Ikea bed we bought ages ago that they don’t make anymore – twin with drawers underneath. I love it, though envy your original artwork. The square tree is fantastic!
    Brenna – Suburban Snapshots recently posted..Sweaters for Sheep

    • melissa says

      Your room sounds really cute too!

      Not to knock my hubby’s fine talents, but the tree is pretty easy! It was lots of painters tape to make the branches and then the square green part. We love how it turned out!

    • melissa says

      It will only take me like 8 months to finish their rooms. I started on his room before the little guy was born! :-)

    • melissa says

      Trust me. It’s rarely this clean!

      And the grey things are tree decals. They’re a part of that Wee Gallery set I mentioned.

  3. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! It is so cute and kiddie without being cliche and boring! It has such a light and fun atmosphere!! I bet Big Roo just loves it!
    Keri recently posted..Cultural Stuff

  4. says

    Love it! You all did a great job. I have been thinking about what to do for my son’s room for a while now, but haven’t found my jumping off point yet. I love that you started with the bedding. Great idea!
    Ann recently posted..I want out of Funkytown

    • melissa says

      Thanks! Yep, starting with the bedding helped me pick out colors and such. We managed to get a green paint that matched the bedding to a T!

  5. says

    wow – amazing! great job. thanks for sharing. i’ve been obsessed with owls for some time too – i love the retro designs that are everywhere of late.
    merranie recently 10-4

    • melissa says

      Me too. I wonder what cool owl things from back in the day that I gave away years ago. I’m sure I’d like them now!

  6. says

    Oh my lord, this is BEAUTIFUL! I have got to do something like this for Bug’s new room in a few months. I didn’t even really finish his nursery the way I wanted.

    Such inspiration. Now to budget accordingly…
    Erin Lane recently posted..Ugggg – a whiny post!

    • melissa says

      It took me longer than I wanted (started it before the bebe was born) but glad it’s finished and how I envisioned it!

  7. says

    That room is so adorable and open and just right for a little boy!! I with you on the flannel and duck decoy’s…I think you did an awesome job! I haven’t done a lot of Esty shopping, I guess I need to look into that some more! Thanks for opening your home to us!!

  8. says

    It looks fantastic! Super cute and modern. I love the colors and the bedding. I think I love everything. :) Great job!

  9. says

    Very nice! Love the wall paintings, very fresh and clean with a nature vibe! I’ve been considering re-doing my yougest’s room into a woodsy look but without the flannel and hunting cliche look. More along the lines of Smokey Mountains Black Bears in a green green forest. Glad to see someone else who thinks outside the box! But I hope the room is only this clean for the photo shoot, since it makes my kid’s rooms look like they are victims of tornado alley!!!

    • melissa says

      Your room sounds adorable! And, I was frantically cleaning it up before the pictures– it’s NEVER this clean!

  10. says


    I am also officially disgusted with how cool you are. Totally unfair. :(

    This is what I want to do (not exactly!) to lil one’s playroom, and it’s my agenda, I’m just so not there yet!

    Love it!
    Andrea recently posted..Pretend These Are Post-Its

  11. Karen(Tricia's mom) :) says

    Love it Mel, but really, that’s a kids room? Its waaaaaaaay too clean!

  12. says

    Abosolutely stunning! Gee – I wish my Mom had created such a magical room….really, it is gorgeous.

    I can only imagine what creative, intelligent, kind souls will develop in such special rooms….

    Congratulations : – )

  13. says

    I ADORE this room. Seriously Melissa – it’s sooo cute. I love that bed set and the graphics on the wall… and that color green just happens to be my absolute fave. Love everything about it, including that fab view from the corner windows!!! Well done to you guys! x

  14. says

    Wonderful detail in the room. I love that it relates but isn’t too matchy matchy. And it’s an awesome room for any child. So tired of seeing the same kinds of rooms for boys and same kinds of rooms for girls. As if all boys or all girls like the one type of thing. Where’s the post about bebe’s room? ;D
    ajira recently posted..Baby rolls! sigh

  15. Irene says

    LOVE this room! There’s always something about green and trees that just evoke the words fresh, clean, and modern!

  16. AmyR says

    Love the room! I have the same bedding and am trying to find a matching paint color, so far with no success. Can you tell me the name of the light green paint color on your walls? It looks great with the bedding.


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