A Week in the Life: My Insane Project Starts Monday

Have you ever taken one week of your life and documented it? I’m not talking snapping a picture here and there or writing down a milestone. I’m talking DIGGING IN and capturing every little thing that happens in you circle of life within a typical week.

I sure haven’t.

But I will… starting on Monday.

What is this nonsense I’m talking about?

If you scrapbook, you are probably familiar with Ali Edwards. That’s where I got the idea.

I’m always complaining about how busy I am and then of course, I do something like this. BUT I’ve been putting this off for at LEAST two months and I decided I’d better do it now before Little Roo gets too big and our daily routines go all shifty shifterson.

Why do I want to inject my already busy week with LOTS of picture taking and scribbling down what happens throughout the day? Because I want to look back in 2, 5, 15 years even and see what our life was like. What was Big Roo interested in at the time? What was Little Roo’s routine? What did a typical day look like?

We always think to capture the BIG things in life- the birthday parties, the holidays, the family get-togethers… but we rarely capture what life was like 90% of the time. THAT’S why I’m doing this.

I’m a virgin week-in-the-lifer so I’m planning to keep it as simple as possible. Each day I’ll keep a record of what we did for the day. The morning routine, the meals, the inevitable temper tantrums… all of it. I’ll take TONS of pics so I can weed them out later. I also plan to actually record VIDEOS of some of our moments. And I’ll keep little trinkets throughout the week, like receipts, tickets, artwork from daycare, that sorta stuff.

Here’s my list of supplies:

  • My camera
  • A tripod
  • Remote control for my camera (I’ll use my self-timer too)
  • Notebook
  • Paper
  • iPhone (to record videos, take notes, take pics when my camera isn’t within easy reach)

Once I’m done I plan to create a scrapbook for the week. If you want to see the full-on how-to, visit Ali’s post on The Basics of Documenting A Week in Your Life.

Well, I want to blog about this project for a couple of reasons.

It’ll keep me motivated. Each day I will upload pictures that I captured to give you an idea how it’s progressing. If I don’t, you have permission to leave me meanie comments or harass me on Twitter for being a slacker.

The more noble reason is that I’ll inspire you do the same for YOUR life. Since I just sprung this on you last minute, I don’t expect you to grab your camera and start doing this with me (although you’re more than welcome to). HOWEVER, depending on how this goes, maybe next time I’ll give you ample notice and do a linky or something. How cool would that be?

So that’s the plan, ladies and gents. I’m either gonna annoy the crap out of ya’ll or you’re going to look forward to peeking into my life each day.

Maybe even a little of both.

See ya Monday!

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  1. says

    I applaud your desire to go for it! I look forward to peeking into your daily life — even if only for a week! :)

  2. says

    What an excellent idea ~ perhaps it will motivate me to do the same, at least once or twice a year!! The kids seems to grow so quickly, gone are the days of wishing time to fly, like when you are 15 and can not wait to drive. Now adays, I just want to freeze time and bask in the time I have with the kids before they’re 15 and no longer want mom or dad around!! I look forward to your daily posts!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. says

    Great idea! Good luck, I look forward to taking a peek into your life. I think my life is too mundane to really document it for a week.

  4. says

    I love this idea! It’s so true how day to day life doesn’t often get caught on camera and yet I imagine the photos would be fascinating to look back on. You forget so quickly, I can hardly remember what it was like with a newborn, it’d be great to have photos to look back on.