Sing It! Jason Mraz Makes Over "I'm Yours" into "Outdoors" for Sesame Street

Now HERE’S a song to teach to your kids! Jason Mraz is one of my favorite musicians and I’m Yours has got to me one of my favorite, happy-go-lucky songs ever.

He recently tweaked the lyrics to sing about getting outdoors. Elmo also has some vocals- hehe. Here are lyrics to the chorus:

So I won’t stay inside no more, no more,
it cannot wait I’m sure.
There’s no need to run and hide.
Let’s go explore.
It feels so great.
Let’s go outdoors.

I’ve been singing I’m Yours to Little Roo as a lullaby of sorts. Now I just need to learn these lyrics too!

(forgive me for not knowing how to resize this to fit!)

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